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Getting 72 per cent right means if you had 100 questions you would have got 72 correct. Since there were half as many questions (50), you would have got half as many (36) correct.

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Q: If you had 50 questions and you got 72 percent right how many questions were answered correctly?
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There are 50 question and you get 90 percent right how many questions were answered correctly?

45 were correctly answered

If a test had 150 questions and you got 92 percent how many did you get right?

138 answered correctly.

What percent of questions were answered correctly if you got three wrong in fourteen questions?

Divide how many questions you got right (11) by how many questions total there was (14). Then multiply it by 100. 11/14=0.78....... 0.78 x 100=78 YOUR ANSWER IS 78%

Janet took a standardized test that contained 328 questions she answered 75 percent of?

If she answered 75% of them right she would have answered 246 of them right and 82 of them wrong.

How many questions were right if you got 92 percent and there were 28 questions?

Designate the number of correctly answered questions as r. From the problem statement, r = 92 % of 28 = 0.92(28) = 25.76. If partial credit is allowed, this probably means that there were 25 questions completely right and one more that was considered three-fourths right.

What is 5 out of 12 wrong?

If you answer 5 out of 12 questions right you have answered approximately 42% of the questions correctly. This can easily be figured out by dividing 5 by 12.

If there are 85 questions in a test and you must get a 80 percent how many do you need to get right?

You would need to answer 68 questions correctly.

Out of 50 questions you only answered 40 correct what is the percent?

10% is right 40 of 50 would be 80%

What percentage would you get if you missed 2 out of 45 questions?

Assuming that you answered 45 questions and got the other 43 right, that would be 96 percent.

What if you can not ask the right questions?

Then your question will not be answered.

Why do you not answer my question?

Some peoples questions are weird and/or embarrassing to even talk about. And sometimes your questions are so obscure that it will have to come across the right person to be answered correctly, and who knows how long that's gonna take.

A test had 150 questions and got 92 percentage right how many questions did he answer correctly?

138 questions right and 12 questions wrong

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