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Sales rank is a quantitative variable. The underlying value is sales, obviously a quantitative value. The median, minimum, maximum and percentile values are all quantitative statistics based on the ranking of data.

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Q: Is sales rank a quantitative or qualitative variable?
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Is class rank a qualitative or quantitative variable?

A qualitative variable is a variable that has categorized values and the difference cannot be measured. A quantitative variable is a variable that consist of ordinary values and the difference can be measured. Depending on the type of class rank it can be both qualitative as quantitative.

Is sales rank or class rank a qualitative or quantitative variable?

Qualitative. ranking simply orders them according to another variable which may be the quantitative one and has a measurable scale (e.g. GPA score or Sales figures) That is, we have a scale to compare a gpa score of 3.0 with 2.0

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