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There are 24 apples and 12 Oranges in the basket.

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Q: There are 12 more apples than oranges in the basket of 36 apples and oranges how many apples are in the basket?
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There are 12 more apples than oranges in a basket of 36 apples and oranges How many apples are in the basket?

let x =oranges let x+12= apples total in basket=36 (x) + (x+12)= 36 2x +12= 36 -12 -12 -------------------- 2x = 24 --- ------ 2 2 ------------- x=12 therefore: there are 12 oranges (x+12)= apples 12+12=24 apples Ans: 24 apples

Jose has 22 apples and oranges he has 8 more apples than oranges how many oranges does he have?

Fifteen apples and seven oranges.

Apples or oranges are more acidic?

oranges are more acidic then apples.

How many more bought Apples OR Oranges than Pears when Fruit store sales shows Apples(12) Oranges(9) Pears(15)?

6 more

Why are apples a better fruit than oranges?

apples have more fiber in the fruit than oranges

Are apples more popular than oranges?

I'm not sure, but I like oranges more.

Which is more dense apples or oranges?

apples are more dense because they are thicker and harder to cut.

Do apples have more vitamin C than oranges?

In my opinion,apples doesn't contain mach vitamin C than oranges.

Do you say apples to apples or apples with apples?

The common idiom is "comparing apples to apples" (and oranges to oranges) rather than "comparing apples and oranges" (alternatives that have little or nothing in common). Example : A union complains that the engineers in a plant are paid more than the line workers. The company describes this as "comparing apples and oranges" because the activities and responsibilities of the positions are completely different.

How many more bought Apples OR Oranges than Pears if Fruit store sales shows Apples 12 Oranges 9 Pears 15 Total fruits sold 36?

This is a tricky one

What fruit is more popular oranges or apples?

Its All Preference :)

What are the differences and similarities between apples and oranges?

similarities: Both tree fruits, you can make juice out of them both, they have seeds, you can make sauces out of them both,both can be eaten..etc differences: oranges are more rounded, oranges need tropical weather, apples do not, oranges hav pulp, apples do not..etc

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