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The point lies 1 unit below the regression line.

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Q: What does it mean to say that data point has a residual of one?
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What does it mean to say that a data point has a residual of negative one?

The point lies one unit below the regression line.

What you mean by residual value?

The point lies one unit above the regression line.

What does it mean to find a data point within one standard deviation of the mean?

The data point is close to the expected value.

What is the median of 14?

With just one data point, the mean, median and mode are all the same as the data point itself. In this case, 14.

What does the term residual mean?

Let's say that you fit a simple regression line y = mx + b to a set of (x,y) data points. In a typical research situation the regression line will not touch all of the points; it might not touch any of them. The vertical difference between the y-co-ordinate of one of the data points and the y value of the regression line for the x-co-ordinate of that data point is called a residual.There will be one residual for each data point.To see some labelled diagrams of residuals search for residuals.

Can there be more than one mean in a set of numbers?

No. But there can be more than one data point which has the same value as the mean for the set of numbers. Or there can be none that take the mean value.

What does residual deficits mean?

Residual deficits is a term used in the medical field. It refers to leftover issues that occur due to a condition. For example, after a stroke, one may have residual deficits that prohibit certain movements.

If a data point has a corresponding score of -1.5 then it is one and a half standard deviations above the mean value.?

If you are talking about the z-value of a point on the normal curve, then no, it is 1.5 standard deviations BELOW the mean.

Is it true that in large data sets the mean is always one of the data values?

No. Here's one set of data where the mean is not one of the values: a set of 250,000 numbers. 125,000 of them are "1", 125,000 are "3". The mean of this data set is "2", which is not among the data.

What does one point pespective mean?

whats does one point perspective mean

Why the median of a set of data does not have to be one of the numbers in the set of data?

Because, if there is an even number of results in the set of data, the mean must be calculated by finding the half-way point between the two central numbers.

A data transmission which involves only one transmitter and one receiver is known as?

Point-to-point transmission

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