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If the data are quantitative they must have a median. If there is no median it is only because the data are qualitative and, in that case, a box and whiskers plot is meaningless.

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Q: What if the data doesnt have a median how do we make a box and whisker plot?
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a box and whisker plot showing the median number

What is a box and whiskers graph?

A box and whisker graph is used to display a set of data so that you can easily see where most of the numbers are. First you write the data from smallest to largest. Then you find the median of all the numbers. This is called the main median. Next you look at the numbers on either side of the median and find their median. These are called the lower and upper medians. So you are just finding the median of a subset. One subset is the numbers above the median and one is the numbers below the median. Now, on the number line, make a mark for the main median and a mark for the upper and lower medians. Next, draw a box with the median lines above as the endpoints. Really it looks like a box with a line in the middle where the main median is. This is the BOX in the box and whisker graph. Last, draw lines from the ends of the box to the smallest data point and largest data point on either side of the box. These are the WHISKERS. The graphs you made tells you the range of the data and it tells you where each quarter is. The three medians split the data into 4 parts.

What kind of conclusions could you make about box and whisker plots?

It is a useful scheme to summarise data. It provides information on the central tendency (median) and a measure of spread (inter-quartile range). The total range is also indicated and outliers are separately identified. The location of the median within the IQR "box" provides an indication of the skewness of the data.

What are the values that make up the box-and-whisker plot?

From smallest to largest, they are the minimum, lower quartile, median, upper quartile and maximum.

What numbers do you plot to make a box and whisker plot?

Here are some steps to make a box and whisker plot: 1. Sort your data set from smallest to lowest 2. Locate and draw the median (or middle value) 3. Identify the numbers forming the lower half of the data set, and draw the median of these numbers. 4. Identify the numbers forming the upper half of the data set, and draw the median of these numbers. 5. Now connect the medians to make the box 6. Lasty, plot the least and greatest values from the entire set and connect them to the box with a line This may sound complicated, but is actually very easy if you can visualize it. Here is a site with an animated lesson and an interactive activity that will draw a box plot for any data set you create.

Is the median more affected by errors in data than the mean?

well, they're both affected. you will get both answers wrong if you make a mistake so it doesnt matter which one is more important, just pay attention

What is the box whisker plot?

A box and whisker graph is used to display a set of data so that you can easily see where most of the numbers are. Here is a link to a nice VIDEO that shows you how to make and understand the plots.

How do you make sentence by using word whisker?

The furry cat ,gently groomed herself and straightened up her whisker

How do you make a misleading box and whisker plot?

how about you tell me what a misleading box and whisker plot is first and then ill answer ur question ;)

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