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An example of voluntary response sample would be when a radio talk-show decides to run a call-in survey on a controversial topic, such as gun control. The most likely callers are going to be people with the strongest opinions, thus the sample that results from the survey is going to over-represent those very people.

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Q: What is an example of Voluntary Response Sample?
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Are all voluntary response sample bad sample?

No they aren't.

Why is a voluntary response sample generally unsuitable for methods of statistic?

People with a special interest are more likely to respond, so the sample is likely to be biased.

Why is a voluntary response sample not suitable for a statistical study?

Voluntary response sample is not generally suitable for statistical study because its results are not likely to be the representative of the entire population under study.Such results could be biased as those who made effort to respond voluntary have strong feelings or opinions whether favorable or unfavorable regarding the subject of consideration.

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What survey that includes only people who choose to respond is susceptible to?

voluntary-response bias.

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Voluntary attention.

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