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The answer is r.

Actually 'r' is the usual symbol for the correlation coefficient statistic calculated for a sampleof paired values. The correlation coefficient for a population of pairs of random variables distributed according to a binomial normal distribution is usually denoted by the Greek letter 'rho'.

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Q: What is the correlation coefficient symbol?
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What is the symbol for the sample correlation coefficient in statistics?

It is r.

A correlation coefficient is represented by the symbol?

lower case "r"

Is 1.5 a correlation coefficient?

No, it cannot be a correlation coefficient.

Is -0.0001 a correlation coefficient?

Yes it can be a correlation coefficient.

A correlation coefficient is a measure of the?

A correlation coefficient is a numerical measure of the

Is 0.5 the strongest correlation coefficient?

No. The strongest correlation coefficient is +1 (positive correlation) and -1 (negative correlation).

How is a linear relationship between two variables measured in statistics?

The Correlation Coefficient computed from the sample data measures the strength and direction of a linear relationship between two variables. The symbol for the sample correlation coefficient is r. The symbol for the population correlation is p (Greek letter rho).

What are the properties of correlation coefficient?

The correlation coefficient is symmetrical with respect to X and Y i.e.The correlation coefficient is the geometric mean of the two regression coefficients. or .The correlation coefficient lies between -1 and 1. i.e. .

What is a Correlation coefficient of 0.00457?

Evidence that there is no correlation.

What is the feasible range for r the correlation coefficient?

the correlation coefficient range is -1 to +1

What is the correlation coefficient of -2?

A serious error. The maximum magnitude for a correlation coefficient is 1.The Correlation coefficient is lies between -1 to 1 if it is 0 mean there is no correlation between them. Here they are given less than -1 value so it is not a value of correlation coefficient.

How is coefficient of determination and coefficient of correlation is related?

coefficient of determination

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