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It is r.

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Q: What is the symbol for the sample correlation coefficient in statistics?
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How is a linear relationship between two variables measured in statistics?

The Correlation Coefficient computed from the sample data measures the strength and direction of a linear relationship between two variables. The symbol for the sample correlation coefficient is r. The symbol for the population correlation is p (Greek letter rho).

A correlation coefficient is represented by the symbol?

lower case "r"

What is the correlation coefficient symbol?

The answer is r.Actually 'r' is the usual symbol for the correlation coefficient statistic calculated for a sampleof paired values. The correlation coefficient for a population of pairs of random variables distributed according to a binomial normal distribution is usually denoted by the Greek letter 'rho'.

What is the symbol for sample size in probability and statistics?


What is the symbol for reflection coefficient?

3M uses RA as the symbol for the coefficient of retroreflection.

What is the symbol for population mean in statistics?

μ is the symbol for the population mean in statistics. fyi and related but not necessary for the above answer: the sample mean is , enunciated by saying "x" bar. hope this helped. Citation :

What does Sx2 mean in statistics?

In statistics, this is the symbol for the "Variance"

The symbol S means in statistics?

s is the sample standard deviation. it is computed by taking the square root of: sum(x-mean)2/n-1

What is the symbol used for Coefficient of Thermal Expansion?

It is the lower case Greek symbol alpha

Meaning of numerical coefficient?

A numerical coefficient refers to a symbol or a number that is multiplied with a variable or an unknown quantity in an algebraic term. For example, 48 is the coefficient in the term 48x.

The number placed in front of a chemical symbol or formula is called?


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