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Stem-and-Leaf Plot

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Q: What is the name of the data plot that resembles a tree?
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Way to show data that resembles a tree?


What body system resembles the branches of a tree?

The pulmonary system resembles the braches of a tree. It's sometimes called the pulmonary tree.

What types of data tables are available?

t chart,circle graph,bar graph,picto graph,scatter plot,stem and tree plot

Name the storage representation of a tree?

A tree stores data in nodes or vertices.

Why is the bronchial tree called the bronchial tree?

Because it resembles a tree trunk with branches.

Assume you have collected data pairs x y on a certain variety of tree x is the number of weeks since the tree was planted and y is the height of the tree in inches A plot of the data points with?

50 ~good luck on apex~ Now they changed it to 60

Why is a family tree called a family 'tree'?

A "family tree" is called that because, when you draw it out on paper, it resembles a leafless tree, thus family tree.

What is a tree data structure?

a tree data structure is a last in,last out data structure

Plot Summary of the hawk and the tree?

what is the summary of the hawk and the tree by zaryab

How did the walking-stick insect get its name?

The name is descriptive. Walking-stick insects have evolved a shape that resembles a stick or small branch on a tree. They camouflage themselves by holding very still so they blend in with the surrounding branches on a tree.

Name at least 3 data structures?

Set, Array, List, Tree, Heap

In harvest moon tree of traquilty can you live on the mountain plot?

Nope. You can only live on the town plot, seaside plot, or the hilltop plot.

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