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The range, inter-quartile range (IQR), mean absolute deviation [from the mean], variance and standard deviation are some of the many measures of variability.

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The pattern of variability - as opposed to variability itself - is termed skedasticity.

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Q: What is the pattern of a variability within a data set called?
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How does finding the IQR hep you identify the variability of set of data?

The IQR gives the range of the middle half of the data and, in that respect, it is a measure of the variability of the data.

What is the sources of variability in a stats graphs?

the whole question is that The data is not perfectly linear. Identify at least 2 sources of variability in this data AND explain the effect of each? Sources of variability = outlier???? so do I just need to indicate where the outliers are???

What a small MAD tell you about a data set?

It means that there is little variability in the data set.

What are the implications for choosing different confidence levels for variability in data mining?

Perhaps the data that you are given.

What does variability mean in math?

Variability is an indicationof how widely spread or closely clustered the data valuesnare. Range, minimum and maximum values, and clusters in the distribution give some indication of variability.

What is a pattern in data called?


What does the standard deviation of a set of data tell you?

It tells you how much variability there is in the data. A small standard deviation (SD) shows that the data are all very close to the mean whereas a large SD indicates a lot of variability around the mean. Of course, the variability, as measured by the SD, can be reduced simply by using a larger measurement scale!

Does the coefficient of variation measure variability in a data set relative to the size of the arithmetic mean?


Explain what is meant when we say "data Vary". How does this variability affect the results of statistical analysis?


How much data is needed to have a representative sample of the population?

The answer depends on the variability of the characteristic that is being measured.

What is the definition of point diversity?

Point diversity refers to the variety of different data points within a dataset or a specific location. It measures the range or distribution of values represented by individual data points. Point diversity can provide insights into the heterogeneity or variability of data.

The variability of a solution to changes in the model and input data is an important part of the analysis of the results?

sensitivity analysis