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The percent error or percent change is: [(804-3249)/804]x100%=-304% [(3249-804)/804]x100=304%

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Q: What is the percentage growth from 804 to 3249?
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What is the percentage growth from 450000 to 600000?

33.33% increase.

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For a normal distribution find the z-scores values that separate the middle 60 percent of the distribution for the 40 percent in the tails?

The standard normal table tells us the area under a normal curve to the left of a number z. The tables usually give only the positive value since one can use symmetry to find the corresponding negative values. The middle 60 percent leaves 20 percent on either side. So we want the z scores that correspond to that 80 percentile which is .804. Therefore the values are are between z scores of -.804 and .804 * * * * * I make it -0.8416 to 0.8416

What is supernormal growth rate?

super normal growth rate is that growth rate which is not constant growth rate. it is flexible growth rate. it means some years or period growth rate is higher than other period. when it is gone constant growth rate certain period and than changed the growth rate, it is called super normal growth rate. some example, we can take here. company x has expected dividend per share is Rs 10. its growth rate is 5 % per year, for next 3 years. and than its growth rate should be changed 10 %. it is the example of super normal growth rate. here, first 3 years has normal growth rate is constant 5% and than it is change by increasing to 10%. here super normal growth rate is start from end of year 3.

What is the predictable order of growth patterns?

What is the preditable order of growth patterns referred to

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