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First i will explain the binomial expansion

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Q: What is the relationship between the binomial expansion and binomial distribution?
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What is difference between skew binomial and symmetric binomial distribution?

The skew binomial distribution arises when the probability of a particular event is not a half.

What is the relationship between Pascal triangle and binomial theorem?

The coefficients of the binomial expansion of (1 + x)n for a positive integer n is the nth row of Pascal's triangle.

Distinguish between binomial distribution and normal distribution?

Normal distribution is the continuous probability distribution defined by the probability density function. While the binomial distribution is discrete.

What is the difference between poisson and binomial distribution?

Poisson and Binomial both the distribution are used for defining discrete events.You can tell that Poisson distribution is a subset of Binomial distribution. Binomial is the most preliminary distribution to encounter probability and statistical problems. On the other hand when any event occurs with a fixed time interval and having a fixed average rate then it is Poisson distribution.

What is the relationship between binomial and a polynomial?

A binomial is a polynomial with exactly 2 terms.

What is the relationship between probability and the binomial theorem?

What is the symbol for a Probability of success in a binomial trial?

Comparision between binomial plus normal plus hypergeometric distribution?

The binomial distribution is a discrete probability distribution which describes the number of successes in a sequence of draws from a finite population, with replacement. The hypergeometric distribution is similar except that it deals with draws without replacement. For sufficiently large populations the Normal distribution is a good approximation for both.

What is the relationship between population distribution and physical geography?

What is the relationship between physical geography and population.

The statistical distribution used for testing the difference between two population variances is the BLANK distribution. The choices are a t b standardized normal c binomial d F?


Which describes the relationship between depth and the distribution of life in an aquatic ecosystem?

It is an inverse relationship

Is there a relationship between the direction of the movement and distribution of earthquakes?


Is there a relationship between the direction of movement and distribution of earthquakes?