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Q: What is the standard deviation of the stardard normal curve?
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What is the mean and standard deviation for the standard normal curve?

Mean = 0 Standard Deviation = 1

Is normal curve symmetrical about its standard deviation?

nop its not

How do you apply standard deviation to normal curve?

The distance between the middle and the inflection point is the standard deviation.

What is the difference between a general normal curve and a standard normal curve?

A standard normal distribution has a mean of zero and a standard deviation of 1. A normal distribution can have any real number as a mean and the standard deviation must be greater than zero.

What is the standard deviation of the normal IQ curve?

It is 15 points.

Mean of normal curve always standard deviation?

No, they are rarely the same.

Which normal distribution is also the standard normal curve?

The normal distribution would be a standard normal distribution if it had a mean of 0 and standard deviation of 1.

Why don't all normal curves have the same standard deviation?

Because the standard deviation is one of the two parameters (the other being the mean) which define the Normal curve. The mean defines the location and the standard deviation defines its shape.

When the larger values of the standard deviation result in a normal curve that narrower and more peak?


What must be done to a normal curve to make it into a standard normal distribution curve?

The mean must be 0 and the standard deviation must be 1. Use the formula: z = (x - mu)/sigma

How do you use the z-score to determine a normal curve?

If the Z-Score corresponds to the standard deviation, then the distribution is "normal", or Gaussian.

What are the two parameters that are necessary to determine probabilities for a particular normal distribution curve?

Mean and Standard Deviation