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Their first coordinates are positive and their second coordinates are negative.

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2010-04-15 09:20:40
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Q: What is true about all coordinate points in quadrant IV of a coordinate graph?
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What must be true about the coordinates of any point that lies in the second quadrant?

The x coordinate in the second quadrant is negative while the y coordinate is positive.

What is true about all points with an x-coordinate of 0?

They are all on the Y axis.

What is the collection of all x y points that make the equation a true statement?


Is it true or false To solve a system of inequalities you just need to graph each inequality and see which points are in the overlap of the graphs?


What must be true of a line whose slope is undefined?

The x-coordinate must be the same for all points on the line.

How do you calculate points for a tensile strength versus composition graph?

After plotting the graph appropriately, you set the highest tensile strength as the highest stress value. You then divide by the other points to find the true value.

What if a graph has no x- or y-intercept Will what you say about the line always be true in that situation?

It could be a line segment within a quadrant that does not have an x or y intercept Or a graph with a restricted domain, for example, y = 1/x where x>0

When the graph of a quadratic function crosses the x axis twice the x coordinate of the vertex lies between the two x intercepts?

that's true

Do points plotted on a line graph represent the actual data recorded by an experiment?

Yes, it shows the data in a different way

Let f be a function with a finite domain The graph of f is necessarily made up of a finite number of points?


To solve a system of inequalities graphically you just need to graph each inequality and see which points are in the overlap of the graphs?


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True. Of the four quadrants of the United States, the southeastern quadrant gets the most tornadoes.

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