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When you don't have the population standard deviation, but do have the sample standard deviation. The Z score will be better to do as long as it is possible to do it.

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Q: When is a t test better than a z score?
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How is T-score related to stiffness index in bone mineral density test?

The T-score is related to the Stiffness Index, because the Index is used to determine the T-score. This is an expression of structure, strength, and density.

What is safety t score?

Because t-score isn't as accurate as z-score, you should use 40 as a safety sample size, rather than 30 as you would for a z-score.

What is better Verizon or t -mobile?

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What do you do if none of the conditions of using a z-score or the conditions for using a t-score are met?

If we are testing a hypothesis about the population mean , if none of the conditions of using a z-score or the conditions for using a t-score are met, we may use a proper non-parametric test.

What is the p value of a test statistic of 1.369?

The answer depends on what the test statistic is: a t-statistic, z-score, chi square of something else.

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What has the author T J Reddy written?

T. J. Reddy has written: 'Less than a score, but a point'

What is the t test used for?

The"t" test, (called the "small 't' test, to distinguish it from the large 'T' test) is a test for deviation from a known norm, using a smaller sample set than the one required by the large T test. It is said to have been developed by the head of quality control at the Guinness Brewery in Ireland.

Why would you use a z test rather than a t test?

When the sample size is greater than 30

What is the difference between z-score and t-score?

T-scores and z-scores measure the deviation from normal. The normal for T-score is 50 with standard deviation of 10. if the score on t-score is more than 50, it means that the person scored above normal (average), and vise versa. The normal for Z-score is 0. If Z-score is above 0, then it means that person scored above normal (average), and vise versa.

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How is the null hypothesis of the independent samples t-test verbalized?

The null hypothesis of the independent samples t-test is verbalized by either accepting or rejecting it due to the value of the t-test. If the value is less than 0.05 it is accepted and greater than 0.05 is rejecting it.

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