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One brother, two sisters ( if you're the second brother)

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Q: How many are there if you have as many brothers as sisters and your brothers have twice as many sisters than brothers?
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Donnie has three more brothers than sisters How many more brothers than sisters does his sister Marie have?

Marie has 4 brothers. Therefore she has 4 more brothers than sisters.

A brother has as many brothers as sisters but a sister has as half as many sisters as brothers How many boys and girls is their in total?

brother has as many sisters so more than one sister so sister be two,a brother has as many brothers as sisters so brother should be more than two ,so three brothers.therefore totalmembers in the family is 1(brother)+3(brothers)+1(sister)+2(sisters)=4(brothers)+3(sisters)He has 1 brother and one sister 1+1 =2

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