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Satellite dishes are paraboloid in shape - that is, a parabola (a quadratic curve) rotated around its axis.

The shape has the property that rays entering it are reflected to its focus of the paraboloid. If the receiver is placed at that point, the signal is picked up from the broadcasting satellite over a wide field of view.

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Q: How is quadratic equations used to make a satellite dish?
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How do they make a clear satellite dish?

I do not know

What are quadratic equations used for?

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Satellite dish used as an antenna?

They do not make very good antennas though.

Is it safe to touch and disassemble a satellite dish?

It is better to have a local Dish retailer come and disassemble your Dish satellite. If you choose to do it yourself, first make sure all your Dish receivers power cords are unplugged and also the coax cables going into all your receivers.

Is there a way I can get my satellite dish to pick up other signals?

You can make your satellite to pick up other signals by aligning the dish properly (elevation and azimuth alignment) taking into consideration the skew angle.

Does it matter what satellite dish you get?

If I'm understanding your question correctly, it does matter what type of satellite dish you get to go with a particular satellite receiver such as a Dish Network receiver. Even the type of satellite receiver or programming selection can require a different type of Dish as all receivers pick up different satellites in orbit. Dish Networks new receivers, such as the Vip 722 and Vip 922 require a 1000.4 Dish. If you meant what company to go with, do your homework and shop around. Make sure you understand the promotional price that you will get initially, and then what your cost will be when the promotion ends. In my opinion, Dish Network has the best deals around.

Is it possible to make electricity from satellite dish?

DISH is a leading satellite TV & internet provider offering the best programming and technology at an unbeatable value. Dish delivers the best video anywere at anutime utlizing state-of-the-art equipment & technology & award-winning HD & DVR Technology!

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What uses are there for parabolic mirrors?

Parabolic mirrors are formed in a dish like shape, the purpose of it's shape is to transmit the electromagnet waves. For example when using a microwave or watching a television, it is through electromagnet radiation that make it possible to function. Television receives the signals via the satellite dish, the satellite dish acts as the parabolic mirror.

How can make sat dish?

The best form of dish is a Parabolic Dish - This captures the digital signal and because of its concave form bounces the signal to an LNB ( stands for Low Noise Block) and it is the receiving end of a satellite dish. The LNB must be pointing directly to the satellite overhead in orbit to receive the strongest and clearest signal. As with a normal TV antenna, it may be required for you to adjust the LNB in order to receive the highest quality (strongest and clearest) satellite signals available

What can you make out of a satellite dish?

I've had great success and fun by turning a satellite dish into a super directional microphone. Any small mic will work, just position it at the focal point in place of the old microwave amp facing toward the dish. Add small headphone amplifier and listen up! Pinpoint birds and other wildlife locations.

What is the average cost for satellite television?

Satellite TV dishes are free if you qualify as a new or qualified former Dish customer. If you want to purchase one I would check online they usually run around 40-80 depending on what type satellite Dish you need. Make sure to get a LNB with your dish as this picks up the satellite TV signals.