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The exact value of 60 degrees would be 1/2. This is a math problem.

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Q: What is the exact value of tan 60 degrees?
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What is the exact value of tan -60?

tan(-60 degrees) = - sqrt(3)

What is tan 60 degrees?


What is the value of sin60?

sin(60 degrees) = 0.8660 approx. The exact value is sqrt(3)/2.

The function cot 115 degrees is equivalent to A -tan 60 degrees B -tan 25 degrees C tan 25 degrees D tan 65 degrees?

cot 115 deg = - tan25 deg

How do you get angle size of a 60 feet multiply 90 feet?


What is the exact measure of acute angle?

60 degrees

What is tangent of pie divided by 3 equal to?

tan(pi/3) = tan (60 degrees) = 1.732 which is square root of 3

What is the latitude and longitude of the Southern Ocean?

60 degrees lattitude and their is no exact longitude for it

What is the exact temperature in numbers before a hurricane?

IT could anywhere from 60-80 degrees. There's no exact temp.

What are all the exact t-values for which tan t equals -sqrt3?

sin(60) or sin(PI/3) = sqrt(3)/2 cos(60) or cos(PI/3)=1/2 tan(60) or tan(PI/3) = sin(60)/cos(60)=sqrt(3) But we want tan for -sqrt(3). Tangent is negative in quadrant II and IV. In Quadrant IV, we compute 360-60=300 or 2PI-PI/3 =5PI/3 tan(5PI/3) = -sqrt(3) Tangent is also negative in the second quadrant, so we compute PI-PI/3=2PI/3 or 120 degrees. tan(t)=-sqrt(3) t=5PI/3 or 2PI/3 The period of tan is PI The general solution is t = 5PI/3+ n PI, where n is any integer t = 2PI/3+ n PI, where n is any integer

Convert gps reading n27 degrees 18.773 minutes to degrees only?

There are 60 minutes in a degree, so 18.773'/60 = .3129 degrees, and your final value is north 27.3129o.

What is A boat moves at an angle of 60 in a horizontal line The x component of the boats velocity is 5 m s What is its y component of velocity?

You have a right triangle and can use trig. Degree mode. tan(theta) = adjacent/opposite( y component ) tan( 60 degrees) = (5 m/s)/(y comp.) y component = 5 m/s)/(tan 60 degrees) = 2.887 m/s ( you can call it 3 m/s ) -----------------------------------------------

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