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Engineers and Physicists use trigonometry, as well as people whose carrers involve acoustics, optics, and waves.

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Q: What jobs other than a architect requires trigonometry?
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Jobs involving trigonometry?

Surveying, for one job

What jobs use trigonometry?

there many jobs that have to uses trigonometrysuch as a carpentry , law and order these jobs have to use trigonometry because for carpentry if you don't use it then you might as well not use it any ways and you Can also use it to impress the boss you know mabye get a little raise in your money but really when you are cutting out an angle you have to use trigonometry, also architecture uses trigonometry so they can figure out how to build the complex shapes that modern buildings require

What are some careers that use trigonometry?

Surveyors use trigonmetry to find the exact height, length, and/or width of man-made and/or natural objects without having to measure it all manually. I think, to get the angle, they use a special gun thing that they point at the end of the object, which works it all out, then they just have to measure the distance they are from the object. After that its up to their trigonometry skills, and if they're good, then they should find the almost exact length, height, and/or width. There are so many jobs that use trigonometry -> an architect, Crime Scene Investigators, any job dealing with outer space (astronomers, physicist, astronauts, the men that guide the astronauts, etc), carpenter, machinist, engineering (mechanical, computer, chemical, civil, aeronautical, industrial, etc.), any job involving navigation (pilots -- air and sea), computer game creators. The list could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.

What jobs use trigonometry functions?

Often people involved in industrial production will use polar graphs to program their machines; take, for, example, a pretzel-making machine. They can graph the path the "dough-shaping" machine must follow on a polar graph.

What jobs use trigonometric?

There are many careers that use trigonometry:EngineersArchitectsArtistsPhysicistsAstronomersDraftsmanCraftsmanPharmacistFinancial Analyst

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Is there a lot of architect jobs available?

there are a lot of architect jobs around here. There is an architect college sign up somewhere.

Enumerate the applications of trigonometry of different fields?

Trigonometry is used in many jobs! Trigonometry is used in forestry(to calculate height of trees), A variety of Engineering jobs, Coast Guards and Flight Coordinators use Trigonometry with vector math to deal with movement through water/air currents. Carpenters need to know basic trigonometry. Any job dealing with any type of waves(sound waves, the pattern that the tide follows) has to know about Trigonometric Functions. I could keep listing jobs but the basics are: 1) any job that involves practical design(meaning not fashion design) 2) any job that requires basic physics or calculus 3) any job that requires basic high school math Trigonometry shows up everywhere, in order to be good with numbers, you have to be good with trigonometry

Jobs involving trigonometry?

Surveying, for one job

What jobs use sine cosine and tangent?


What are jobs that are related to construction?

Architect and carpenter

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What jobs uses pi and area the most?


What are Similar jobs to an architect?

sculpture maker, engineer.

Which jobs that begin with letter a?

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What are some jobs begin with the letter A?

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