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42.3 such squares.

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Q: 470 square feet equal how many 40 inch X 40 inch squares?
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How many 6 inch squares in 1000 square feet?

One square foot can be divided into four 6 inch squares. Multiplying the number of square feet by 4 gives an answer of 4,000 6 inch squares in an area of 1,000 square feet.

How many 12inch by 12 inch squares equal 15 square feet?

A 12 inch by 12 inch square is one square foot. That means it would take 15.

How many 16 inch squares in 168 square feet?

1,512 16-inch squares.

How many 16 inches squares in 10 square feet?

90 16-inch squares.

What does an 18x18 inch tile equal in square feet?

2.25 square feet

How many 16 inch squares do you need for 285 square feet?


How many inch x inch squares would it take to cover 187 square feet?

26,928 1" x 1" squares to cover 187 square feet.

A square piece of material is 9 square feet how many 6 inch by 6 inch squares can be cut from that piece?

You will get 36 pieces.

Have 12 12x 12 inch squares how much area will they cover?

12 square feet

How many one fourth inch squares does it take to make a inch square?

There are 16 squares with sides of a quarter inch in one square inch.

How many square is 140 feet 80 feet?

It is not possible to answer this question without knowing the size of the individual squares - 1 sq inch squares, 1 sq ft squares, 1 sq metre squares or what?

What is the square factor from a square inch to a square foot?

The conversion factor to change an area in square inches to square feet is 1 square inch is equal to 0.0069427252080 square foot. So, 100 square inches is equal to 0.69427 square feet using this conversion factor.

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