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Real Number line

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Q: A line on which numbers are assigned to points?
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What is a line on which numbers are assigned to points callled?

A Number Line

What Numbers can be graphed on a number line?


How do you do mixed numbers and decimals on a number line?

First, you draw a number line. You then make points for the counting numbers, and place the mixed numbers and decimals between these points, getting their own points and labels.

What is a diagram listing all numbers as points on a line called?

a line graph

Why do tax forms have numbers assigned to the boxes?

Numbers are assigned to the boxes on tax forms as reference points for IRS instructions. These instructions are available for every form. Numbers make it easy to match the particular box with its explanation in the instructions.

What is the definition of a number line?

number line- a straight line on which there is indicated a one-to-one correspondence between points on the line and the set of real numbers. basically a line with numbers on it.

What is 5.1 and 1.5 on the number line?

They are two points representing rational numbers.

Can irrational numbers cannot be represented by points on the real number line?

These number can also be represented on real line.

Is there an empty set or point between any two points on a number line?

There are an infinite number of points between any two numbers on the real number line.

According to the ruler postulate what does the set of points on any line correspond to?

Real numbers

Why is it better to right align numbers?

So the decimal points line up and you can have a visual clue that larger numbers are longer.

Where are the integers on a number line?

If you have drawn a number line counting in whole numbers, the integers are those whole number points. Any decimal numbers in between are not integers.

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