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Yes, it does.

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Q: A parabola has an axis of symmetry.?
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Which point of parabola is on the axis of symmetry?

Its extremum is on its axis of symmetry.

Where is the line of symmety located on a parabola?

The line of symmetry located on a parabola is right down the center. A parabola is a U shape. Depending on the direction of the parabola it either has a x axis of symmetry or y axis of symmetry. You should have two equal sides of the parabola.

Where is the axis of symmetry of a parabola located?

Parallel to the y-axis, going through the highest/lowest point of the parabola (if the parabola is negative/positive, respectively).

What is the axis of symmetry for the parabola with vertex (-2 -4) and directrix y 1?

The axis of symmetry is x = -2.

Parts of a parabola?

There's the vertex (turning point), axis of symmetry, the roots, the maximum or minimum, and of course the parabola which is the curve.

What line divides the parabola where one point on one side of the parabola and the corresponding point on the other side?

the axis of symmetry

What is the extreme point on a parabola?

The highest or lowest point of the parabola, it is the point that is closest to the focus. The extreme point lies on the axis of symmetry

Why is the vertical line that passed through the vertex of a parabola called the axis of symmetry?


What is the line of symmetry for the parabola whose equation is y -x2 x 3?

Did you mean a parabola with equation y=3x^2? The line of symmetry is x=0 or the y-axis.

An equation of a parabola that has x equals 2 as its axis of symmetry is?

How about y = (x - 2)2 = x2 - 4x + 4 ? That is the equation of a parabola whose axis of symmetry is the vertical line, x = 2. Its vertex is located at the point (2, 0).

What is an equation of the axis of symmetry of the parabola represented by y equals -x2 plus 6x-4?

Line of symmetry: x = 3

What is the equation for the axis of symmetry of a parabola?

x=-b/2a [negative B over 2A]