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A polygon with 21 sides is called an Icosagon.

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Q: A polygon with twentyone sides
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Related questions

What is twentyone sided polygon called?


Which polygon has 6 sides and 8 sides?

A polygon with 6 sides is a hexagon and a polygon with 8 sides is an octagon

What do you call a polygon with 1000 sides?

A polygon with 1,000 sides is known as a chiliagon. A hectogon is a polygon that has 100 sides, and a polygon with 8 sides is called an octagon.

What is the polygon that has11 sides?

A polygon with 11 sides is an undecagon

Is an arrow a polygon?

A polygon is a shape that is closed with straight sides and the sides do not overlap like these. I don't know if an arrow is a polygon.

What is the definition for sides of a polygon?

The sides of a polygon are straight line boundaries of the polygon.

What is the formula for how many sides are in a polygon?

There is no formula for how many sides there are in a polygon; the name of the polygon shows how many sides it has.

Can the sides of a polygon cross?

No the sides of a polygon can not cross

How many sides are in a polygon with 8 sides?

There are 8 sides in the polygon with 8 sides (an octagon).

Does a polygon have eight sides?

No, a polygon has four sides, but and octagon has eight sides.

Is a regular polygon a polygon with all sides congruent?

A regular polygon is a polygon with congruent sides and interior angles.

How many sides does a polygon have until it turns into a circle?

A polygon with 1000 sides is still a polygon but even a polygon of 100 sides gives characteristics of a circle. When demonstrating circles a polygon of 100 sides helps show the circle characteristics.

Do a polygon have 4 sides?

A polygon may have any number of sides. A shape with four sides is a type of polygon called a quadrilateral.

What is a six sides polygon?

A polygon that has six sides is hexigon

What is a polygon with 8 sides?

A polygon with 8 sides is an octagon.

How many sides does the polygon have?

A polygon does not have a set number of sides.

Polygon that has 5 sides?

A pentagon is a polygon with 5 sides.

Polygon with 3 sides?

A polygon with 3 sides is a triangle.

A polygon with 8 sides is a?

A polygon with 8 sides is an octagon.

Can a polygon have 19 sides?

Yes, a polygon CAN have 19 sides

What is a polygon that has 7 sides?

A polygon with 7 sides is a heptagon

Polygon with five sides?

A polygon with 5 sides is a pentagon

What is the name of the polygon with 6 sides?

A polygon with 6 sides is called a hexagon.

What is a polygon called with 101 sides?

the name of the polygon with 101 sides is hecatontakaihenagon

Does a polygon have four sides?

Answer: Yes it can have four sides, but as the explanation below shows, it can have many other numbers of sides as well. Explanation: A polygon can have as many sides as needed. We give specific names to polygons dependent upon the number of sides that it has: triangle: A polygon made with three sides. quadrilateral: A polygon made with four sides. pentagon: A polygon made with five sides. hexagon: A polygon made with six sides. heptagon: A polygon made with seven sides. octagon: A polygon made with eight sides . In fact, if we have n sides, we can call that polygon an n-gon. So in short, yes a polygon can have four sides, so all 4 sided shapes are polygons, however, not all polygons have four sides.