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Q: Add the following fractions 2 over 3 plus 1 over 6 plus 1 over 6?
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Add the following fractions 1 over 2 plus one over four plus one over eight plus one over sixteen equals?


Add the following fractions 1 over 2 plus 1 over 4 plus 1 over 8 plus 1 over 16?

its going to be 4over 27 ----

What is 1 over 3 plus 1 over 6 plus 1 12?

Convert all the fractions to a common denominator. Then add.

What is 1 and 5 over 8 plus 1 and 5 over 8?

To do additions with mixed fractions, you should add the integer (whole) part, and the fractions, separately.

1 over 9 plus 4 over 9?

If you are using the word "over" to describe that these numbers are fractions, then 1/9 plus 4/9 is 5/9. Since the denominators are the same, you simply add the numerators of both fractions, and you have your answer, 5 over 9.

How do you add fractions step by step?

you make fractions equivalent denominators, you add the numerators and put it over the denominator

What is 2 over 3 plus 2 over 3?

4 over 3. In adding fractions, you just add the numerators together if the denominators are the same.

How do you add and subtract by fractions?

If the fractions have the same denominator, add and subtract the numerators as if the denominators weren't there and put the result over that denominator. Reduce if possible. If the fractions have different denominators, find the LCM of the denominators and convert the fractions to equivalent fractions with like denominators. Then add and subtract the numerators as if the denominators weren't there and put the result over that denominator. Reduce if possible.

How do you add five over eight plus one over four?

you add five over 8 plus 4

Is 1whole equal to 1third plus 1halve plus 1sixth?

Yes because the fractions add up to 1

Add the following 12 plus 63?

12 plus 63 is 75.

What is 15 over 25 plus 4 over 25?

If two fractions share an equal denominator, you can simply add the top, so 15 + 4 = 19, so therefore = 19/25

How do you add three fractions without the same denominators?

When you want to add fractions that have different denominators, you have to convert them into fractions that do have the same denominators. So for example, how much is a half plus a third? Both of these can be converted into sixths, so one half equals three sixths, and one third equals two sixths. Three sixths plus two sixths equals five sixths. That's the answer. If you have three fractions with different denominators, the procedure is the same. Convert all three into fractions with the same denominators, then add them.

How do you Add 6 one -half plus 6 one-half plus 6 three-fourth plus 6 three -fourth?

Carry out the following steps:Convert each of the mixed fractions into improper fractions.Rename these fractions so that their denominators are the same (= d).Add the numerators together (= n)The answer is n/d, which will be an improper fraction and you may wish to convert that to a mixed fraction.

What is three eighths plus one fourth?

The denominators are different, so find the equivalent fractions using the LCD , then add the fractions with the denominators.

What is the answer to 5 over 6 plus 4 over 6?

For adding fractions, you need to make both denominators the same, then add the numerators. In this case 5/6 and 4/6 have the sum 9/6, which can be simplified to 1 1/2 (fractions are difficult in these answer windows).

How do people add fractions?

so, if you have 1/3 plus 2/3 you just add the denominadeters so it would be 3/3

What is always needed to add fractions?

Fractions! Otherwise you don't have anything to add.

How do you add two fractions that have like denominators?

In fractions, you can NEVER add or subtract

What is a over c plus b over c?

You add 2 fractions with the same denominator [c], so the sum is the sum of the numerators divided by the denominator: a/c + b/c = (a+b)/c

How do I add improper fractions?

Change them into mixed numbers and add the integers and fractions together ensuring that the fractions have a common denominator.

How do you add fractions 1 14 plus 1 14?

seeing as both the numerator and the denominator are the same you simple just add the numerators then the denominator then that your answer.

How do you add fractions with the same denominator with whole numbers?

First you add the fractions then add the whole numbers I'd you can you can reduce the fractions bye multiplying Hope you have fun!😺🐆💙💎💖🐾

When you add fractions do you add the denominator to?


Add the following start with 1000 plus 40 plus 1000 plus 30 plus 1000 plus 20 plus 1000 plus 10?