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read the value A,b

store the result of subtraction of a,b in continer subtraction

display subtraction

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Q: Algorithm for subtraction of two numbers?
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What are the factors of subtraction?

Finding the difference of two numbers is known as subtraction.

When you subtraction tow numbers?

Subtracting two numbers is finding their difference.

What is the operation in which the difference of two numbers are found?


Which set of numbers is closed under subtraction?

A set of real numbers is closed under subtraction when you take two real numbers and subtract , the answer is always a real number .

What is the highest prime number which is the sum of two prime numbers and the result from the subtraction of two prime numbers?


What are addition subtraction multiplication and division?

addition means when you add two or more numbers together.+ subtraction means you subtract two or more numbers together.- multiplication means when you mutiply two one, or more digit numbers together.x division means when you divide two numbers together./

What is the subtraction of two numbers?

a number lower than the original number

How do you subtract two integers with the same sign?

It is normal subtraction. if the tw numbers are x and y then the subtraction is x-y

How do you describe an algorithm with rational numbers?

Describe an algorithm for dividing rational numbers.

What is a difference in subtraction?

To calculate a difference simply means to subtract two numbers.

What is the distributive property of subtraction?

The distributive property of subtraction states that when subtracting a number from the sum of two other numbers, you can subtract the same number from each of the two numbers separately, and then subtract the two results. This can be represented as: a - (b + c) = (a - b) + (a - c).

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