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Q: What is the highest prime number which is the sum of two prime numbers and the result from the subtraction of two prime numbers?
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Algorithm for subtraction of two numbers?

read the value A,b store the result of subtraction of a,b in continer subtraction display subtraction

Is the difference of two positive numbers positive?

The difference between two numbers is the result of a subtraction. This can be either positive or negative, depending on which number is greater.

How is a negative number defined?

A negative number is any quantity that is less than zero. Negative numbers are the direct result of the arithmetical operation of subtraction.

Why are rational numbers closed in subtraction?

Because when one rational number is subtracted from another rational number the result is a rational number. Don't forget that integers (ℤ) are a subset of rational numbers (ℚ).

What is the result of subtraction one number from another?

The result of subtraction is the difference.{Blabale} Wow, two seconds after I submitted it, you gave me the answer. Wow, that's amazing.

Which sets of numbers are closed under subtraction?

To be closed under an operation, when that operation is applied to two member of a set then the result must also be a member of the set. Thus the sets ℂ (Complex numbers), ℝ (Real Numbers), ℚ (Rational Numbers) and ℤ (integers) are closed under subtraction. ℤ+ (the positive integers), ℤ- (the negative integers) and ℕ (the natural numbers) are not closed under subtraction as subtraction can lead to a result which is not a member of the set.

What does the difference between a number and 7 is 12 mean?

The difference between two numbers is usually the result of subtraction. There are two numbers that are 12 away from 7. One is 19, the other is -5

When we subtract two numbers the answer obtained is known as?

The MATHEMATICAL TERM for the result in subtraction is known as the DIFFERENCE.

How is Addition And Subtraction Are Related To Each Other?

They are both binary operations. The inverse of adding X to a number is the subtraction of X from the result and, conversely, subtracting Y from a number is the inverse of adding Y to the result.

What is the result of a subtraction problem called?

The result of a subtraction problem is called the difference.

What is the result of the subtraction of binary number 1110101 from the binary number 1000011?

11101012 - 10000112 = 1100102

What is the answer to subtraction answer called?

The result of a mathematical subtraction is the difference.

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