All infinite sets are not equal?

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Absolutely not

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Q: All infinite sets are not equal?
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What are kind of set?

There are finite sets, countably infinite sets and uncountably infinite sets.

Do all infinite sets are equivalent sets?

we can consider all infinite sets as equivlent sets if we go by the the cantor set theory.for eg. on a number line if we consider the nos. between 0 and 1 as a set then they are infinite. similarly the nos. between 0 and 5 can also be considered infinite and if considered as a set then they can be considered as equivalent

Are all equivalent sets are equal sets?

Yes. Equivalent means equal.

Can you name all the sets of numbers to which 15 belongs to?

The number 15 belongs to an infinite amount of sets.

Is it true that all equal sets are equivalent sets?


What are three examples of infinite sets?

stars in the sky that's the some example of infinite sets

Are sets always infinite?


Kinds of sets and its example?

Sets are collection of distinct objects. In mathematics there are different types of sets like Finite set, Infinite set, Universal set, subset, equal set, equivalent set. Example of Finite set {1,2,3,4}. Infinite set:{1,2,3....}.

What is the two kind of sets?

Closed sets and open sets, or finite and infinite sets.

What is the definition of equal set?

Two sets are said to be equal when all the elements in the two sets are same

Are equivalent sets equal sets why?

No, because equivalent sets are sets that have the SAME cardinality but equal sets are sets that all their elements are precisely the SAME. example: A={a,b,c} and B={1,2,3} equivalent sets C={1,2,3} and D={1,2,3} equal sets

What is kind of set?

Closed sets and open sets, or finite and infinite sets.

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