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They can be.

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No, they cannot be. A parallelogram is a term used for four sided figures.

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Q: Are octegons parallelograms
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Are all trapezoids parallelograms?

No trapezoids are parallelograms, and no parallelograms are trapezoids.

Is All trapezoids parallelograms?

No trapezoids are parallelograms, and no parallelograms are trapezoids.

Are all parallelograms trapezoids?

No trapezoids are parallelograms, and no parallelograms are trapezoids.

Are all parallelograms are trapeziods?

No. Parallelograms are never trapezoids. Trapezoids are never parallelograms.

Are there any parallelograms in sports?

No, there are no parallelograms in sports.

Some parallelograms are squares?

By definition, all squares are parallelograms. Not all parallelograms, however, are squares. All rectangles and rhombuses are also parallelograms.

Are parallelograms and rhombus the same think?

No. All rhombi (rhombuses) are parallelograms but all parallelograms are not rhombi.

Is true or false all parallelograms are aquares?

All squares are parallelograms, but all parallelograms are not squares.

Are quadrilaterals parallelograms?

Quadrilateral can certainly be parallelograms, but they can also be squares, rectangles, and other 4-sided shapes.All parallelograms are quadrilaterals but not all quadrilaterals are parallelograms.

Some parallelograms are rectangles?

Yes, thet's true. Rectangles are special kinds of parallelograms. So all rectangles are parallelograms, but there are other parallelograms that are not rectangles.

Are all trapeizoids parallelograms?

No, but all parallelograms are trapezoids.

Are all trapeziums parallelograms?

No but all parallelograms are trapezoids

Are all parallelograms squares true or false?

False! Squares are parallelograms. Parallelograms can be squares or rectangles or neither.

Parallelograms are squares is that sometimes always or never true?

Parallelograms are squares is sometimes true. Squares are parallelograms is always true. Rhomboids are parallelograms is also always true. So not all parallelograms are squares but some are.

Are some rectangles parallelograms?

All normal rectangles, are parallelograms.

Are parallelograms squares?

A square is a parallelogram, but not all parallelograms are squares.

Do parallelograms have four congruent sides?

Not all parallelograms do but a rhombus does.

Are pentagons parallelograms?

no - parallelograms have four sides; pentagons have five.

Are all trapezoids parallelgtams?

No trapezoids are parallelograms, and no parallelograms are trapezoids.

What is negation of Some parallelograms are squares?

Some parallelograms are not sqaures

Are some parallelograms quadrilaterals?

All 4 sided parallelograms are quadrilaterals.

How many parallelograms are in a hexagonal prism?

There are 6 parallelograms in a hexagonal prism.

What are examples of parallelograms?

three examples of parallelograms are a square, a rectangle, and a rhombus.

Are all parallelograms quadrilaterals?

Yes because all parallelograms have four sides. But the opposite is not true. There are some quadrilaterals that aren't parallelograms.

How many parallelograms are in a triangular prism?

There are a total of three parallelograms in a triangular prism. Each of the sides are parallelograms, while the ends are triangles.