Are they intersecting lines are never parallel?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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are intersecting lines never parallel

YES intersecting lines do not have the ability to be parallel

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Q: Are they intersecting lines are never parallel?
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Are two intersecting lines are parallel?

No, they aren't, because they are intersecting (parallel lines never intersect).

Can parallel lines be intersecting lines?

No, parallel lines do not intersect, and never will.

What is never intersecting lines?

They are parallel lines

Can two intersecting lines be parallel?

no. parallel lines never touch.

Do intersecting lines never meet?

No but parallel lines never meet

What are the deference between parallel lines and intersecting lines?

The difference between intersecting and parallel lines is that, on a graph parallel lines do ont touch,cross or anything. THEY NEVER TOUCH. intersecting lines touch, or cross eachother.\

Can the same two lines be perpendicularparalleland intersecting?

No, because although perpendicular and intersecting lines do touch, parallel lines never meet.

Do parallel intersect?

no they are straight lines that never intersect, intersecting lines intersect.

Can two lines be parellel perpendicular and intersecting at the same time?

No. If the lines are parallel they will never meet or intersect at any point. If the lines are perpendicular they do intersect, but perpendicular lines are a special case of intersecting lines. Perpendicular lines are exactly 90 degrees from each other. Intersecting lines do not haveto be perpendicular... but perpendicular lines are always intersecting.

Can you arrange lines in a plane so there both parallel and intersecting?

no. its impossible. Parallel mean lines that never touch. unless you have more than two lines. than you can make two parallel and or more intersecting them both.

Why aren't intersecting lines parallel?

they aren't parallel because they intersect if they we're parallel they wouldn't be intersecting lines

Can two lines exist that are not intersecting or parallel?

Yes, they can be two existing lines (not intersecting) and it can be parallel.