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Q: Can negative decimal numbers be a rational number?
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What is -0.567 on the number system?

In the number system , there are decimal numbers, fractions,rational numbers , irrational numbers , negative and positive numbers.-0.567 on the number system is negative number.

What type of number is 47?

It is a decimal representation of a negative rational number. It also belongs to any superset that contains the set of negative rational numbers.

What type of number is 234?

It is a negative rational number in decimal form. It is also a real number.

Can a rational number be written in a decimal?

Yes, all rational numbers can be written as decimal numbers.

What kind of number is -23.8?

a negative decimal number, a rational number, a nice number

Is 4.26712 a natural number?

No, any number with a decimal is not natural. Natural numbers are 1,2,3... Any number that has a terminating decimal, is not 0, is rational, and is not a negative.

Is a negative decimal a rational number?


Is negative one-half a real number?

Yes, -1/2 or -0.5 is a real number. It is also a rational number and a nonrepeating decimal rational number. All negative and positive numbers as well as zero are real numbers. The real numbers also includes the irrational numbers.

What type of number is this decimal 0.121231234 negative rational or irrational?


Can rational numbers be negative?

Any rational positive number is still rational when you make the same number negative.

Is 0 is the smallest rational number?

It is the smallest non-negative rational number. Negative numbers are rational and are smaller.

Are nagative numbers always numbers decimal negative?

Any number, negative or positive, can be expressed as a decimal number. So a negative number can always be expressed as a negative decimal.

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