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Q: Can someone solve this trigonometric equation....cot 2 csc 2x cot 2x?
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How to solve trigonometry problems easily?

The most easiest method to solve trigonometric problems is to be place the values of the sin/cos/tan/cot/sec/cosec . The values will help to solve the trigonometric problems with less difficulty.

What is the trigonometric function for cotA plus B plus C?

cot(A+B+C) is, itself, a trigonometric function, so the question does not really make any sense!

What is the exact trigonometric function value of cot 0?

There is no value cot 0, because cot 0 is equivalent to 1 / tan 0, which is equivalent to 1 / 0, which is undefined. That said, the limit of cot x as x approaches 0 is infinity.

How do you simplify sec x cot x cos x?

y = sec(x)*cot(x)*cos(x)To solve this trigonometric equation, you need to know these identities:sec(x) = 1/(cos(x))cot(x) = 1/(tan(x)) = (cos(x))/(sin(x))Now substitute these identities into the original equation:y = (1/cos(x))*((cos(x))/(sin(x)))*cos(x)Now cancel out the terms that are similar in the numerator and denominator to leave you with:y = (1/(sin(x)))*cos(x)y = (cos(x))/(sin(x))From the aforementioned known identity, the final simplified trigonometric equation becomes:y = cot(x)

What is cot x sin x simplified?

To simplify such expressions, it helps to express all trigonometric functions in terms of sines and cosines. That is, convert tan, cot, sec or csc to their equivalent in terms of sin and cos.

Examples of trigonometric function?

There r 6 trignometric functions,namely sin a cos a tan a cosec a sec a cot a where a is the angle. Trigonometric functions didn't exist without angles.

What is the cot code of commercial bank?

what is that mean cot code? because someone gave me the money i did fill out then transfer to my bank but they ask me please enter cot code and i don't know and i don't have it cot code for that information

How can I get a cost of transfer code?

call someone.

How do you make 'cot' and 'csc' on a TI-84 graphing calculator?

From math class, some trigonometric identities: cot x = 1/tan x csc x = 1/sin x sec x = 1/cos x There are no built-in cot or csc formulas, so use the above. Remember that these give errors when tan x, sin x, or cos x are equal to 0.

How can you get cot code?

how is the cot code for the caja Madrid online banking

How do you prove cscx cotx - cosx is equal to cosx cot2x?

To solve this type of problems, I found that it helps to convert everything to sines and cosines: write csc x as 1 / sin x, and cot x as cos x / sin x, for example. Because of the "2x", you'll also need to look up the double angle trigonometric identities.

What is the value of the six trigonometric functions of 90?

sin(90°) = 1 cos(90°) = 0 tan(90°) = ∞ sec(90°) = ∞ csc(90°) = 1 cot(90°) = 0