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Q: Can the legs of a right triangle be the same length?
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The legs of a right triangle have the same length and the hypotenuse is 30ft?

The legs of a right triangle have the same length and the hypotenuse is 30 ft, each leg would be of length 21.21 ft.

Can an isoceles triangle have a right angle?

Yes it can. If it does, it's called an "isosceles right triangle". The other two angles are each 45 degrees, and the triangle's legs both have the same length.

What triangle has no sides the same length?

A right triangle.

How many legs does a right triangle have?

Three, the same as any triangle.

Is a right triangle an isosceles triangle?

It can be. If two of the sides of a right triangle are the same length then it is an isosceles triangle

What triangle has all sides the same length and has a right angle?

equilateral right triangle

Approximate to the nearest thousandth of a centimeter the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle with legs of 3 centimeters each?

If both legs of a right triangle are the same, then it forms what is known as a "45-45-90 triangle". In this type of triangle, the hypotenuse is always √2 times more than the legs. So in this problem, with legs 3cm and 3cm, the hypotenuse is 3√2cm, or 4.243cm

What is the length of the hypotenuse of an isosceles right triangle that has a leg length of 10cm?

For isosceles triangle both legs are the same, 10 cm. The hypotenuse is square root of sum of legs squared, = sqrt (10 squared + 10 squared) = 14.1 cm

What does a concave triangle look like?

s donkey with its legs the same length

Are the side of an isosceles triangle perpendicular?

The only requirement for an isosceles triangle is that two sides be the same length and one be different. It is possible for an isosceles triangle to have two perpendicular legs. It would be right and isosceles.

How do you make a trapezoid out of one square and one triangle?

You can do it only of the triangle is right angled and if one of its legs is the same length as the side of the square. In that case, let that side of the triangle abut a side of the square.

A 45- 45- 90 triangle has a hypotenuse of length 14 units What is the length of one of the legs?

Both of the other legs have the same length: about 9.90 units (9.8995)

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