Can the lower bound of an option be negative?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: Can the lower bound of an option be negative?
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What difference between option base and option explicit?

Option Explicit makes the declaration of Variables Mandatory while Option Base used at module level to declare the default lower bound for array subscripts. For eg. Option Base 1 will make the array lower bound as 1 instead of 0. by Munendra

17.7 to 1dp lower and upper bound?

Lower bound is 17.6 and upper bound is 17.8

What is the lower bound of 3.0?

The lower bound of 3.0 is 3.0

What are the lower bound estimate and the upper bound estimate found by rounding to the greatest place 937 and ndash 156 A. lower bound 700 upper bound 800 B. lower bound 700 upper bound 900 C. lower?

The answer is B.

What sequence has no upper bound but does not tend to infinity?

If I understand your question correctly, such a sequence is an = x cos(πx). It has neither an upper nor lower bound. It's divergent, but its limit is neither infinity nor negative infinity.

How do i write all real numbers in an inequality?

You cannot list them: unless the inequality is trivial, since there are infinitely many real numbers in any range. You need toidentify the lower bound;determine whether or not the lower bound is included (

What is the lower bound for 1 significant figure for the number 90000?

What is the lower and upper bound of 9.3 in 1 s.f.?

What is 16.4 to the 1 decimal place Lower bound?

The lower bound is 16.35

What temperature is lower negative 3 or negative 5?

-5 is lower

What is 13.7 lower bound?


Is potential energy in k-shell is negative then why?

bcoz the energy of bound system is always negative

How do you calculate the lower and upper bounds if each of the numbers is given to the nearest whole number?

The lower bound is 0.5 less and the upper bound is 0.5 more.