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can you completely cover a 3ftx6ft area with 2ftx2ft tiles

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Q: Can you completely cover a 3x 6 ft area with 2x2 ft tiles?
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How many 2 feet by 2 feet tiles to cover an area 36 feet by 42 feet?

We ,know that :no. of tiles = area of room /area of tiles .so,no.of tiles =36 X42 /2x2=378

How many 2x2 in tiles are needed to cover 6 square feet?

216- 2x2

How many 2x2 tiles to cover 324 ft?


How many 2x2 foot tiles are needed to cover 800 square feet?

Each tile covers 4 square feet. Which means you need 200 tiles to cover 800 square feet, plus spoilage.

Can you install 2x2 ceiling tiles in a 2x4 grid system?

You have two options. You can purchase 24" cross pieces for your grid, to turn the 2X4 sections into 2X2 sections, or you can purchase 2X4 tiles that look like 2X2 tiles. Ceilume's Stratford Style is a good example.

How do you calculate the number of 2x2 squares in a 11x14 space?

Depends.Calculation 1:Imagine a room 11 feet x 14 feet.Now you have tiles 2 feet x 2 feet.If you want to know how many whole 2x2 tiles you can fit on the floor of the room and leave the rest without tiles (because 11 feet is an un-even dimension to the room)(round 11 down to 10)10/2 = 514/2 = 75 * 7 = 35 tiles.Calculation 2:If you want to know how many 2x2 tiles you would need to completely cover the floor (where you would cut the tiles)entire area of floor: 11 feet * 14 feet = 154 feet squaredarea of a single tile: 2 feet * 2 feet = 4 feet squared154 feet squared / 4 feet squared = 38.5 tiles.

How many 2x2 tiles fits a 20 sqft?


How many 2x2 cm tiles needed to cover 11 square meters?

Area of each tile = 4 cm2 Area to be covered = 11 m2 = 110000 cm2 So number of tiles required = 110000/4 = 27500. That assumes that the large area is "well behaved" and every tile, plus all offcuts can be used. If the 11 sq metre area is in the form of a circle that may well not be the case and more tiles may be required to allow for wastage.

How many tiles 2x2 inches are needed to cover a 15 sq ft?

15sq ft = 15 x 144 = 2160sq in each tile is 2 x 2 = 4 sq in TILES = 2160/4 = 540

How many 2x2 tiles fit in a 10ft x 12ft room?


How many 2x2 tiles cover 110 square feet?

The answer will depend on the measurement units for the tiles. Are they 2 inch x 2 inch or 2 ft x 2 ft? Since you have not bothered to provide that crucial bit of information, I cannot provide a more useful answer.

How are suspended ceiling tiles held in place?

The tiles sit on a grid either 2x2 or 2x4 foot sections. The grid is held up on wires fastened to the ceiling joists.

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