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The key is that you don't want to cause over-heating in wire. The answer is you can probably do what you want unless it involves high current and a small cross section in wire mold such that the Romex could generate too much heat. You could always strip out the wires inside the Romex and just run them in the wire mold.

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Q: Can you run Romex through a wire mold?
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Is that possible to run romex wire to the under ground basement?

If the wire is to be buried you'll need to use "direct burial" wire; if you're staying inside the house, just under the floor and above the concrete or dirt, standard romex should be fine.

How do you wire a three-way switch when the power supply is in the light box?

to wire a 3-way like this you first need to run 14/3 romex wire from the light box to each of the 2 switch locations. at each switch connect wires as follows: white wire to common screw(usually black or brass) connect red and black wire to silver colored screws, does not matter which way. in the light box you need to identify you incoming power, once you have identified that wire connect one of the white wires from the new 14/3 romex to it,secure with wire nut.the red and black in each 14/3 romex are connected red to red, black to black. this should leave you with one white wire frm a 14/3 romex, this connects to the black wire of your light fixture, the white of your light fixture connects to the white of the incoming power wire.

How many watts can run through wire?


My breaker says use 75 degree wire can i use 90?

You can use 90 degree celcius rated wire. It just must be derated to the 75 degree column in the book NFPA 70 article 310.16 table. Meaning, if you are running romex wire, you don't have to run larger wire in most situations.

Can 2 lengths of 14 Ga romex be used to make a 30 A circuit?

No, electrical wires can only be run in parallel on wire sizes 1/0 and larger. To supply a load of 30 amps you will need #10 wire and a 30 amp breaker.

How can a temporary magnet be made out of a coil of wire and an iron nail?

Loop the coiled wire around the nail and run a current through the wire.

What was the Berlin Wall before it was a wall?

It was a barrier of barbed wire. When people began to run through the wire, they built it into a wall.

How do you pull 1 of 6 lights off a 3-way switch and add a single switch for that 1 fixture?

Most likely the 6 lights are fed from one another. At each light there will be a black, white and ground coming into the fixture and another set leaving. The light is connected to these wires by wire-nuts. Remove the light in question from the black supply wire. From your new switch run a typical Romex wire to the light. Put black electric tape on the white wire at each end to indicate it is a hot wire. Connect the Romex black and white wire with tape to each terminal on switch. At the light end connect one wire to light wire you removed previously and the other to the wire-nut where the light was previously connected.

Is it possible to remove mold from a children's bike trailer made of canvas?

Remove the cover and run it through the wash.

Can you use single conductor 14 gauge wire to wire a three way switch?

The key is the protection of the wires. If you are using single wires you will need a conduit of some sort. Don't just run the single wires in the wall. Multi wire Romex or metallic shielded cable are used to provided added protection to the encased conductors.

What size romex for 60 amps of service?

If the run is less than 100 ' use 6 AWG copper.

Is electricity faster in a thick wire or thin one?

They run through both evenly! .o.

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