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Yes, when you plug the air conditioner in to an ordinary house receptacle this is the configuration that exists. Just make sure that additional loads on that same circuit are not any more that 7.5 amps or the circuit breaker will trip. For air conditioners it is best to have a dedicated circuit right back to the distribution panel. This means that there can be only one appliance, the air conditioner, on that specific circuit.

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Q: Can you run an 110v air conditioner continuous that draws 7.5 amps off of 14 gauge wire with 15 amp breaker?
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What Size breaker for 6 gauge wire?

You need a 60 amp breaker.

How many watts and romex gauge is safe for a 15amp breaker?

Assuming 120 VAC in a residence maximum watts = 15 x 120 = 1800 Watts. For a continuous load you can support 1440 watts which is 80& of maximum. You need 14 AWG gauge wire.

Can you use a double pole 15 amp breaker in place of a 20 amp single pole breaker for a 12000 BTU air conditioner?

If the 12,000 BTU A/C only requires 20 amps to run then yes you can use the same 12 gauge wire but you cannot change it to a 15 amp breaker. You will need to install a 20 amp double pole breaker. If it requires more than 20 amps you will have to replace the wiring and breaker.

What is the wire size required for 1800 watts for lamps?

14 gauge will handle it with a 15 amp breaker. If you use 12 gauge use a 20 amp breaker.

What size wire for 28 amps?

Minimum size is 10 gauge with a 30 amp breaker. To be safe I would install an 8 gauge with a 40 amp breaker.

Can you use 14-3 wire on a 20amp breaker?

No. A 20 amp breaker needs 12 gauge wire.

What size breaker should be used on a 20 amp motor?

30 amp breaker with #10 gauge copper wire

What gauge wire is used on a 20 amp breaker?

AWG 12.

What gauge wire should be used with a 50amp breaker?

10 guage.

14 gauge wire can be on what size circuit breaker?

15 amps

What is the maximum breaker size for these gaug?

You listed no gauge wire. This is the required breakers.14 gauge - 15 amp12 gauge - 20 amp10 gauge - 30 amp8 gauge - 40 amp

What size circuit breaker for GFCI circuit in a normal size bath?

Normally it is a 20 amp using AWG 12/2 gauge wire. But it really depends on what size wire is on that circuit. If it is white AWG 14 gauge then use a 15 amp breaker. If it is yellow AWG 12 gauge then use a 20 amp breaker.