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concentric circles

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Q: Describes two or more circles on the same plane that share the same center?
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This describes two or more circles on the same plane that share the same center?

concentric circle

What are two circles that share the same center point?


Non concentric circle?

Non concentric circles are circles that do not share the same center point.

How many circles can share the same center?

infinite with each one slightly larger than the previous

Which of the following is true about concentric circles?

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What do you call a set of circles that share the same midpoint?


What term applies to two lines in the same plane if they have no common plane?

If they are in the same plane, then they share a common plane. Did you mean to say common point. If that's the case where they are in the same plane, but do not share a common point, then they are parallel lines.

What are concertic circles?

Concentric circles - are circles that share a common centre. A typical example - is dripping water into a bowl - where you'll see the ripples form and spread out to the edge of the container.

Are circles tangent when they meet at a single point?

Yes, circles that share one and only one point are tangent to each other.

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