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oceans freshwater and lakes and streams cover 2/3 of earth

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Q: Do lakes and streams hold more than two thirds of earths freshwater?
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What percent of freshwater is lakes rivers and streams?


What percentage of earths freshwater supply does the great lakes account for?

25% of earths fresh water is contained in the Great lakes

Where does the Utricularia gibba the humped bladderwort live?

In freshwater ponds, lakes and streams.

What are the six freshwater ecosystems?

lakes,ponds,streams,some marshes,and swamps

What are four main types of freshwater ecosystems?

Streams,rivers,ponds,lakes are the four main freshwater ecosystems

What are the major categories of freshwater ecosystem?

The major categories of freshwater ecosystems are rivers and streams, lakes and ponds, and freshwater wetalnds Hope this helps

Rivers lakes and streams are part of the earths what?

Part of earth's hydrosphere

What are rivers lakes and streams are part of earths?

Part of earth's hydrosphere

More than two thirds of earth's fresh water is found in?

76% (more than two thirds) of Earth's freshwater is found in any ice on Earth. (ex. glaciers) 23% of freshwater is found in groundwater 12% of the groundwater is "shallow ground water" 11% of the groundwater is "deep ground water" 0.34% of Earth's freshwater is found in rivers, streams, and lakes 0.037% of freshwater is found in water vapor

What are the threee biomes that are freahwater?

The three biomes that are freshwater are ponds and lakes, wetlands, and streams and rivers.

What bodies of water are included in the freshwater biome?

The freshwater biome includes rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds. Oceans are a part of the saltwater biome.

Do platypuses live in streams or lakes?

Not exactly. Platypuses live in burrows they dig in the banks of freshwater rivers, creeks and lakes. They do not live in the water.