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Only when they are the same lengths.

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Q: Do parallels lines intercept congruent arcs on a circle?
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What does parallel lines intercepted arc conjecture mean?

Parallel lines intercept congruent arcs on a circle. More explanation: Parallel lines never interSECT but they can interCEPT Congruent arcs means that the two arcs would have the same measure of the arcs.

Do parallels circle earth from west to east?

Yes, they do. The lines of latitude are sometimes called parallels.

What is another name for parallels that circle the earth?

Lines of latitude.

Imaginary lines which circle the earth from east to west are lines of which are also called both lines of?

They are called Lines of Latitude or parallels.

What a imaginary line that circle the earth they are also called parallels?

Those are the Latitude lines.

Where lines cross or intercept with lines of longitude and latitude?

Meridians of constant longitude cross parallels of constant latitude. Parallels of constant latitude cross meridians of constant longitude. At each intersection of a meridian and a parallel, the lines are perpendicular (form 90° angles).

What are parallels and meridans?

Parallels are lines of latitude, meridians are lines of longitude.

Is Longitude lines called parallels?

No. Latitude lines are called parallels.

What are The lines that intercept latitude lines on a map Are lines of what?

The lines that intercept latitude lines are lines of longitude.

Are parallels the same as longitude lines?

"Parallels" are lines of constant latitude. Longitude lines are often called "meridians".

If point 0 is the center of the circle identify all congruent segments?

Congruent segments will depend on the radius, and whether the segments are straight lines or arcs.

What are parallels?

Sometimes people call lines of latitude parallels. Latitude lines are the lines that are located north and south of the equator.

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