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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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Q: Do rectangles have perpendicular diagonal lines?
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What is a perpendicular diagonal?

A perpendicular diagonal is a pair of segments or lines that cross a polygon making a perpendicular

What shape have 3 perpendicular lines?

squares or rectangles

What lines are neither parallel nor perpendicular?


Does a rhombus have diagonal perpendicular lines?

Yes its 2 diagonal intersect at right angles

What are 3 kinds of straight line?

Perpendicular lines Parallel lines Diagonal lines

Are the diagonal lines of a rhombus congruent?

Not always, sometimes they are perpendicular.

Are the perpendicular line segments of a letter the straight lines?

Not necessarily. The horizontal and diagonal lines are also straight lines.

Is a rectangle perpendicular or parallel?

Rectangles are made up of 2 sets of parallel lines, which are perpendicular to one another.

What are the three types of geometric lines?

They are amongst many more:- Perpendicular lines Parallel lines Diagonal lines Transversal lines Symmetrical lines

Do rectangles have diagonals that are perpendicular?

I think rectangles do not have perpendicular sides. there are some perpendicular sides in a rectangle stupid person

What shapes have perpendicular lines?

Two-dimensional shapes made with perpendicular lines include (but are not limited to) right-triangles, rectangles, octagons, and dodecagons. Three-dimensional shapes made with perpendicular lines include (but are not limited to) cubes, octahedrons, cuboctahedrons, and icosahedrons.

How many perpendicular lines does a circle have?

A circles has no perpendicular lines. Perpendicular lines are two straight lines that join forming 90 degree angles. They are found in squares, rectangles, and right-angled triangles. A circle is made by one line that is not straight but is curved. If you drew a circle, rectangle, right-angled triangle, or cross in the circle, then the circle would contain perpendicular lines. But the circle itself would have no perpendicular lines.

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