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Yes you do say and write words again.

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Q: Do you say and write words again?
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How do you write the number 70 in words?

for example 70 inn words would be same has different numbers again for example lets say 2 so u would write two like this: 2= two and thats the same way has writing 70 so have fun!

Is it worth trying to write to her again and what would you say?

It may be worth trying to write to her again but it depends on the whole situation. Whatever you decide to write, you should make sure that is the truth and coming from your heart.

How do you say the words born again in Greek?

"Born again" is ξανά γεννήθηκα [ksana gennithika]

How many words should an critical essay have?

Say what you have to say in as few words as possible. Choose your words carefully and edit what you write.

What is it called when you write story and go back and review it and change words?

When you write a story (or write anything) and then read it again and make changes in it, that is called editing.

Can you teach a cockatoo to say more words?

yes you can say the word or words you want it to learn over and over again and it will pick them after a while

How do you write 0.234 in words?

You can say: two hundred and thirty four thousandths.

How do you say the word large in Russian?

agromniy is how you say it. but sorry cant write it in Russian words:(

How do you write 106000 in word?

To write 106000 in words say it out loud. It is one hundred six thousand.

How should you write a thank you card?

Acknowledge what the gift is, say thankyou for the --------------. and say something about it that you like or how it will be helpful, anything positive, then say thankyou again.

How do you write in bold letters durning comment on facebook?

put * then the words and then * again.. like this,,,,,,, *how are you?* that :)

Is it correct to say 'write in 100 words'?

100 = one hundred.

Hwo to write a question?

If there is a specific question somewhere in these words, please submit again in the form of a question.

What different techniques do you have for learning vocabulary?

There are several different techniques for learning vocabulary. One is to write each word on paper a few times. As you write the word, say it out loud. Look up the meaning of each word. Have someone test you on your vocabulary words. Write the ones that you missed on paper several times, then take the test again.

What is rewrite?

basically you have written something and you write it again or you get given a text and you have to write it again to make sense: for example : if you were to re write jabberwocky you would take all the old fashioned words and write them so that they make sense hope this helps :L

How do you say he appeared again in luhya language?

The English words "he appeared again" are translated into "Yetsa khandi" in African Luhya language.

How do you revise for a french test?

keep reading the words you need to revise then get someone to say them in English then you translate to french and write them down.Then they say it in french then you write the English down.

What is the most effective way to memorize how to spell words?

write down the word on a peice of paper, then cover the word with your hand then spell it aloud. uncover and check with what you spelled, cover it up again then write it down on the paper again, then check

What are you supposed to write on birthday cards?

there's no write or wron thing to write...but this is what I say Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a great day full of cake and presents! love you!! happy birthday again!!!! love ______

Can parrots say swear words?

Yes. If the parrot hears a word or words over again, it will pick it up.

How do you say my two letter words?

As written, the answer appears to be "with your mouth." If this is not a meaningful answer, ask the question again using words that convey your meaning.

I want to say some sweet words to my boyfriend but i don't know how?

Write it down what you want to say then keep practicing until you know what your going to say :)

How do you write 0.065?

How d you write 0.065 in words

What should you do when someone asks you out and you want to say yes but you're afraid of getting your heart broken again?

write a letter to them saying yes or don't say noting

Why does Percy say that annabeth should write her father a letter?

To have the ability to start again and create a better relationship with her father.