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No, two points define a line. It takes three points to define a plane.

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Q: Does a plane have only two points?
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Does a plane have only 2 end points?

A plane has no endpoints. It is an endless two-dimensional field. ■

Can a plane and a line ever intersect in two points?

In Euclidean geometry, they can only intersect in 0, 1 or infinitely many points. If there are two points of intersection then the whole line lies in the plane.

What is connecting two points on a plane?

A line segment would connect two points on a plane.

What three points determine a pane?

Any 3 geometric points, as long as they are all in different locations and not superimposed on each other, will define a plane. In other words, there is only one plane that can pass through 3 distinct points. If you had only two points, it would define a line, but not a plane. A plane can include 2 points but if there are only 2 that are specified, the plane can rotate around those 2 points, generating infinitely many planes.

How come two points are not enough to name a plane?

Because a place can rotate around those two points as long as the line in on the plane. Two points defines a line. A plane requires 3 points.

What is postulate 8?

If two points are in a plane, then the line that contains the points is in that plane

Does a plane has two points?

A plane has an infinite number of points. It takes 3 points to fix a plane i.e. you need 3 points to identify one unique plane.

Can two points determine a plane?

No, 2 points define a line, 3 points define a plane.

Do two points determine a plane?

No. Three points do. Two points determine a line.

Is s three is the least number of points that can be used to define a plane?

yes, three points in the least number of points that can be used to define a plane. if you used two points you would only have a line, and one point is a point

Can three points determined a plane?

Yes, three points determine a plane unless they are in a straight line. A plane is two dimensions a line is only one. You need a third point(not in the line) to define a plane.

Does intersecting lines meet at two points?

Lines in a plane can intersect at only one point.