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yes it does

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Q: Does a square and 2 triangles make a rectangle?
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Related questions

Can 2 triangles and a square make a rectangle?


What shape can you make with 2 squares and 2 triangles?

You can combine the 2 triangles for a square and then add the 2 other squares next to it, and you get a rectangle. :) And you're welcome

What shape can you create with two squares and two triangles?

A rectangle.. If you combine the triangles to make another square and then place all the squares in a row it makes a rectangle. you can also make a trapezium, if you place the 2 squares next to each other and then the triangles beside them...

How do you make a triangle with 2 triangles and 1 rectangle?

If the 2 triangles are right triangles, which are congruent to slicing the rectangle on the diagonal, then arrange one on top of the rectangle, and the other to the side, so that the two hypotenuses are in line with each other. This will make a bigger right triangle, which is similar to the smaller right triangles - each side is double of the smaller triangles.

What can you make out of 2 triangles and 2 rectangle?

A double house?.

When you put 2 triangles together what do they make?

a rectangle

Vincent drew a line from one coner of a rectangle to another corner to make 2 triangles describe the 2 triangles he made?

Inscribed triangles in a rectangle are identical right triangles but they are rotated 180 relative to each other.

What are three combinations of shapes to create a rectangle?

square and 2 triangles put together

Can 2 triangles make a square or a rectangle?

Yes, they can. To demonstrate this draw a square on a sheet of paper. Draw a line diagonally from one corner to the one opposite. Cut along this line and you will have two triangles. Take them apart; if you put them together again in the right way you will have a square. Put together in different ways you can make an isosceles triangle or an equilateral parallelogram. If you do the same thing beginning with a rectangle, you will be able to reassemble the triangles to form a rectangle, isosceles triangle or a (non-equilateral) parallelogram.

How do you put a square and 2 triangles together to make a square?

A square already has 2 right angle triangles within it

Why is a square a rectangle and a rectangle is not a square?

A square is a rectangle because the requirements for a rectangle is that it have two pairs of parallel sides. In other words, the opposites sides of a 4-sided shape need to be parallel. This is the case for a square making it a rectangle. The requirements for a square are that a 4-sided shape have congruent sides and angles, in other words, 90 degree angles for each angle, but the added requirement of having all sides equal. While a rectangle can have all sides equal, that would make it a square as well. _________________________________________ I think of it this way: a) Draw an 'x' through both the square and the rectangle. Now count the number of triangles created. b) A square and a rectangle are both: the sum of the area of 4 (equilateral) triangles. c) A square is the sum area of 4 equilateral triangles of the same dimensions. d) A rectangle is the sum area of 2 pair of equilateral triangles. Sooooo, they are both: a sum area of 4 triangles. But not all the triangles were created equal. If they are equal, then you have a square. If they are paired, then you have a rectangle. Basically, a square is a type of rectangle. It's like saying that all blueberry bagels are bagels, but not all bagles are blueberry bagels. Rectangles must have four right angles and four sides. The four sides must include two pairs that are opposite each other and equal in length. Squares and Rectangles meet these requirements, so all squares are technically rectangles. The additional requirement to classify a rectangle as a square is that all four sides must be equal. This is only true for squares, not all rectangles.

Does 2 equilateral triangles make a square?

No two equilateral triangles do not make a square but two right triangles do.

How many triangles does it take to make a rectangle?

A minimum of 2 triangles are needed, but you can also make a rectangle with 3 or more triangles.

What shape can you make out of 2 triangles?

a square

How do you find the square footage of a non square?

Rectangle is length times width and triangles are base times height divided by 2.

What shape is made out of two congruent triangles?

If you have 2 EQUILATERAL triangles, and you stack them on their respective hypotenuses, the result: SQUARE. If you have 2 ISOSCELES triangles, and you stack them on their respective hypotenuses, the result: RECTANGLE. If you have 2 OBTUSE triangles, and you stack them on their respective hypotenuses, the result: PARALLELOGRAM.

What is 2 shapes can make a polygon?

a square and to triangles

What figures can be put together to make a trapezoid?

three triangles, and 1 square+2 triangles

Which 2 shapes make up a square pyramid?

Triangles (four of) and a square.One square as base and four triangles as sides.

What quadrilaterlas Diagonals Form 2 Pairs Of Isoceles Triangles?

Parallelograms of any form, a square, a rectangle, and a rhombus are just special parallelograms so all will form 2 pairs of isosceles triangles when a diagonal is drawn.

What shape do you get if you di vide a rectangle?

2 triangles or 2 quadrilaterals

How do you use a medium triangle and 2 small triangle to make a shape that has 2 lines of symmetry?

Simply assemble the triangles in to a rectangle.

What 2 triangles form when you draw a diagonal line across a rectangle?

right triangles and

Square abcd has five isosceles right triangles a dark square and a striped parallelogram line bc is 12 radical 2 the seven pieces were rearranged to form rectangle qrst what is the perimeter of qrst?

you need to see a picture of how the rectangle was rearranged

How do you make two squares with 11 straws?

You take 6 and make a rectangle which is a square and take one of the 5 sticks break it in 2 to make 6 which you can make another square or rectangle easy