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I don don’t no

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Q: Draw the projection of the line CD?
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How do you draw a line segment and name it CD?

Draw any finite line. Write C near one end; write D near the other end. You now have a line segment and have named it CD.

What is Linear projection?

Linear projection-a time line

How do you draw orthographic projection of curved corners?


What type of map projection would allow you to draw a map of the world from outer space?

orthographic projection

What are the advantages of third angle projection over the first angle projection?

Neglecting term "opposite".. In third angle projection, what we see are what are we going to draw

Distinguish between First Angle Projection method and third angle projection method?

right side view draw in left side and left side view draw in right side is called third angle projection

How do you draw a triangle with an area of 5 square units?

== == 1) Draw a line segment AB of 5 units 2) Draw the perpendicular bisector CD of AB such that Cd meerts AB at C. 3) Mark off CE = 2 units on CD 4) Draw the straight line segments AE & BE. ABE is your triangle. Its base (AB) = 5 and height (CE) = 2, so its area = [base x ht] / 2 = 5 sq units

How do you draw a line segment of root 12cm?

It is easiest to draw it using two right angled triangles.Draw a line AB that is 2 units long. From B, draw BC which is perpendicular to AB and 2 units long. Join AC. From C, draw CD which is perpendicular to AC (clockwise if BC is clockwise from AB, or anticlockwise if BC is anticlockwise) and make CD 2 uinits long. Then AD is a line segment which is sqrt(12) units long.

How can you draw 3D Shapes?

You cannot draw a 3d shape. What you can draw, though, is a two dimensional projection of a 3 dimensional shape.

Describe the two sets of line that are used on globes and some maps?

One line is a projection that maintains accurate distances from the center of the projection or along given lines it is called an equidistant projection. Another line is a cylindrical projection which projects information from the spherical Earth to a cylinder.

Draw the haworth projection of the furanose forms of D-arabinose?


How do you draw a finite line?

draw a line that ends.

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