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A rational algebraic expression is the ratio of two algebraic expressions. That is, one algebraic expression divided by another. It is important that the domain is defined in such a way the the rational expression does not involve division by 0.

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Examples of definition of rational algebraic expression?
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Who discovered rational algebraic expression?


Why do you have to solve quotient of rational algebraic expressions?

what are the example of quotient orf rational algebraic expression.

How do you determine whether an expression is rational algebraic expression or not?

If the algebraic expression can be written in the form of a(x)/b(x) where a(x) and b(x) are polynomial functions of x and b(x) ≠ 0, then the expression is a rational algebraic expression.

What is the meaning of rational algebraic expression?

A rational algebraic expression is the ratio of two polynomials, each with rational coefficients. By suitable rescaling, both the polynomials can be made to have integer coefficients.

Worded problem on rational algebraic expression?


How do you perform fundamental operations on rational algebraic expression?


Can a rational expression also be referred to as an algebraic fraction?


When can you say that a rational algebraic expression is in standard form?

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How would you differentiate rational algebraic expressions from those which are not?

The coefficients in a rational expression would be rational numbers.

Where you can use rational algebraic expression?

it can be use in business, office and shopping

What is an algebraic expresion?

an algebraic expression is an expression built up from constants, variables, and a finite number of algebraic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication,division and exponentiation to a power that is a rational number). For example,

How will you describe the method of finding the feasible solution or roots of rational algebraic expression?

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What is irrational algebraic expression?

irrational expression is that wich are not rational or it can't be written in the form of p/q. such as (x)1/3

What is the standard form of rational algebraic expression?

something that looks like ax^2+bx+c

A rational expression minus another rational expression is?

Another rational expression.

A rational expression multiplied by another rational expression is a rational expression?


When can you simplify a fraction or a rational algebraic expression?

When the denominator is a factor of the numerator. If there is 2x in the numerator and denominator these terms cancel.

What fraction having rational expression in its numerator or denominator or both?

If you divide a rational expression by another rational expression, you will again get a rational expression.

What is the rational algebraic expressions?

A rational expression is an expression that includes only additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions. Some of the things that will make an expression irrational (not rational) are square roots, higher-level roots, non-integer powers, exponentials (powers in which the variable expression occurs in the exponent), and common functions such as logarithms or trigonometric functions.

When will you know that a rational algebraic expression is in simplest form?

You will know because there are no other numbers that can go into both the numerator and denominator.

What are examples of fallacy of narrowing the definition?

man is an irritable rational animal

How can you tell if an algebraic expression is a rational expression?

If its proper- the degree of the top is less than the degree of the bottom If its improper- the degree of the top is greater than or equal to the degree of the bottom

How different is the rational algebraic expressions to not rational algebraic expressions?

Basically, a rational expression would include only additions, subtractions, multiplications, divisions, and integer powers, while an irrational expression could, in addition, include several additional functions, such as roots (or equivalently, non-integer powers), exponential functions, logarithms, trigonometric functions, and just about any other function.

Is a rational number is a rational expression?

Any number that can be expressed as a fraction is a rational number otherwise it is an irrational number.

Examples of rational algebraic expressions?

These can be found through your textbook. You can look through the specific chapter to find the information that you need.