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60 - 28 = 32; 32/2 = 16. This is the smaller number so the other is 16 + 28 ie 44.

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Q: Find a number whose sum is 60 and whose is different is 28?
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Find two whole numbers whose quotient is a whole number whose sum is odd number and whose product is 252?

3 and 84.

Can you find any two even numbers whose sum is not an even number?


Find two number whose sum is 166 and difference is 32?

67 and 99

Give Two different irrational numbers whose sum is a rational number?

1 + pi, 1 - pi. Their sum is 2.

Find three consecutive integers whose sum is -93?

find three consecutive integers whose sum is - 93

How do you use a quadratic equation to find two real numbers whose sum is 5 and whose product is -14?


The sum of this number equals 2?

The sum of a single number is itself. So the only number whose sum equals 2 is 2.

What three digit number whose digits are all odd and different has a sum of the three digits that is palindromic?


What are 5 odd number whose sum is 50 from1 to 19?

There are no 5 odd numbers whose sum is 50. (The sum of 5 odd numbers is an odd number whereas 50 is an even number.)

Find 3 consecutive even numbers whose sum is 57?

The sum of two evens is even so the sum of any number of evens is even. It is, therefore, impossible for the sum of three even numbers, whether or not consecutive, to be 57, which is an odd number.

Can you find three number whose sum is 2.4?

Yes: 0, 1 and 1.4 is one possible triple.

Find two number whose sum is 55 and such that one is 4 times larger as other?

44 and 11

Write the number whose factors sum to 12?

The number is 6.

Is 261 a prime number whose sum is 57?


How do you find the number of sides of a polygon whose interior angle sum is 5580?

(5580 + 360)/180 = 33 sides

What number am i if i am the least common multiple of two numbers whose sum is 27 and whose difference is 3 what number am i?

The answer is: 3

What is two numbers a and -a whose sum is 0?

'a' can be any number whatsoever. The sum of +a and -a is always zero.

Which are the 3 continuous number whose sum and product are same?

The three consecutive numbers whose sum and product are the same are 1, 2, and 3.

What two composite number whose GCF is 4 and whose sum is 28?

12 and 16

Two real numbers whose sum is S and whose product is a maximum?

find two positive numbers whose product is a maximum. 1.) the sum is s.

What is the largest two digit number that can be written as sum of 2 different cubic numbers?

The two different perfect cubes whose sum is closest to 99 without exceeding 99 are 64 and 27 (4^3 and 3^3). Their sum is 91.

Find Two numbers whose sum is 26 and whose difference is 12?

12 and 24?

Find two numbers whose sum is 48 and whose difference is 4?

22 and 26

Find two numbers whose sum is 65 and whose difference is 7?

29 and 36

Find 2 numbers whose difference is 15 and whose sum is 53?

19 and 34

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