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Find two numbers whose sum is 55 and whose product is 684

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Q: How do you use a quadratic equation to find two real numbers whose sum is 5 and whose product is -14?
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What are the two numbers whose product is minus 90.5625 and sum is plus 10?

The numbers are 15.75 and -5.75 When tackling probiems like this form a quadratic equation with the information given and solving the equation will give the solutions.

What statement must be true of an equation before you can use the quadratic formula to find the solutions?

The quadratic formula can be used to find the solutions of a quadratic equation - not a linear or cubic, or non-polynomial equation. The quadratic formula will always provide the solutions to a quadratic equation - whether the solutions are rational, real or complex numbers.

Find two numbers whose sum is 12 and product is 9?

that's impossibleAnswer:xy=9 and x+y=12reduces to the quadratic equation x2-12x+9=0so that once solvedx=-11.196 and y=-0.80385 (approx)

The quadratic equation whose roots are 1 and -1?


Does there exist a quadratic equation whose coefficients are irrational but both the roots are rational?

None, if the coefficients of the quadratic are in their lowest form.

The quadratic formula can be used to solve an equation only if the equation contains no term whose degree is higher than?


Is (x-2)(x 4)0 a quadratic equation?

If you mean: (x-2)(x+4) = 0 then it is a quadratic equation whose solutions are x = 2 or x = -4

What makes a quadratic equation?

When the equation is a polynomial whose highest order (power) is 2. Eg. y= x2 + 2x + 10. Then you can use quadratic formula to solve if factoring is not possible.

What are the 2 numbers whose product is one called?

Numbers whose product is one is called multiplicative inverses.

What are the two prime numbers whose product is 141?

two prime numbers whose product is 141 = 3 & 47

What are the only 2 prime numbers whose product is 21?

3 and 7 are prime numbers whose product is 21.

What are two numbers whose difference is 152 and whose product is a minimum?

-76 and 76 whose product is -5776.

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