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"5 and 3/4" or "5 and 9/12"

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Q: Four and two thirds plus one and one twelves equal?
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Related questions

What is three twelves plus four twelves?

seven twelves

What is two thirds plus four and two fifths equal?

twelve fifteenths or four fifths

What is four thirds plus 6?

four thirds plus 6 = 71/3

What is two thirds plus seven twelves?

3 8-12

What is one fourth plus three eighths?

It is four twelves

What does five thirds plus four thirds equal?

Dude isn't putting it in your calculator easier than typing it oput on wikianswers? it's 3.

What is 11 twelves plus 2 thirds?

The sum of 11/12 and 2/3 = 1 7/12

What is the answer to two thirds plus four sixths?

Answer = four thirds or one and a third.

What is one sixth plus four twelves?

1/2 or one half

What is four plus four plus four plus four plus four equal?


What is the common denominator for two thirds plus four fifths?

15 and two thirds plus four fifths = one two fiftenth

What is seven plus two thirds equal?


Two and two thirds plus two and two thirds equal?

five and one third

What is three and two thirds plus two and two thirds?

5 and four-thirds, ie six and one-third.

What is one sixths plus five twelves?

seven twelves

What is four plus negative one thirds?

3 2/3 ; three and two thirds

DOES One third plus two thirds equal one?

I believe that it does equal one!

What does Two thirds plus two thirds equal?

Four thirds 1 1/2 cups

What does two thirds plus four sixths equal?

When you simplify four sixths (4/6), you get two thirds (2/3), making this problem easier. Since both fractions now have the common denominators of 3, you just add the numerators together to get four thirds (4/3), or one and one third (1 1/3).

How is two plus two equal four?

two plus two just does equal four.

What is four-thirds plus 9?

10 and 1/3

What is two thirds plus four?


What is 1 thirds plus 1 four's?

It's 2

What is four quarters plus four thirds?

Its 4 over 4 which is 1, a whole

What is three and four ninths plus four and two thirds?

8 and 1/9.