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Q: George saves nickels and dimes for tolls. If he has 28 coins worth 2.60. how many are nickels and how many are dimes Answer this question by using system of equation?
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How do you solve by substitution y equals x-1?

George saves nickels and dimes for tolls. If he has 8 coins worth $2.60,how many are nickels and how many are dimes? Answer this question by using system of equation.

Which ordered pair is a solution of the linear system?

This is a linear algebra question and it is incomplete since there are no equation which have to be solved.

What describes the mathematical equation that creates a digital finger print on a particular file?

That completely depends on the system in question and will not be represented by a single equation but rather many many lines of code.

What is characteristic equation in control systems?

Set 0=(denominator of the System Transfer Function), this is the Characteristic Equation of that system. This equation is used to determine the stability of a system and to determine how a controller should be designed to stabilize a system.

What has the author Rollin George Thomas written?

Rollin George Thomas has written: 'Our modern banking and monetary system' -- subject(s): Banks and banking, Currency question, Money

Are system of equations and system of linear equation the same?

No....not necessary

What is the equation for respriation?

YES co2 is involved in the Respiration system in the equation<3

What is inconsistent equation?

An inconsistent equation (or system of equations) is one that has no possible solutions.

Is there any system which involves one nonlinear equation and one linear equation?


What is inconsistent system of linear equation?

It is a system of linear equations which does not have a solution.

What is the value of x in 4x plus 15?

You can't answer this question without setting that expression equal to something. Right now, your equation reads 4x+15=?, essentially created a system of two variables with only one equation, which is unsolvable.

What is the man equation?

The man equation should be an equation / a system of equations that could describe the man as a living / non living entity.

How many solutions does an inconsistent equation have?

An inconsistent equation (or system of equations) is one that has no possible solutions. That is precisely why we call it inconsistent; there is no solution set that can be substituted for its variable or variables that will make the equation (or system) true.

What are the solution of a system of equation?


How does writing equivalent equations help you solve a system of equations?

You can write an equivalent equation from a selected equation in the system of equations to isolate a variable. You can then take that variable and substitute it into the other equations. Then you will have a system of equations with one less equation and one less variable and it will be simpler to solve.

What is meant by the determinant of a math equation?

A single math equation does not have a determinant. A system of equations (3x3 , 4x4, etc.) will have a determinant. You can find a determinant of a system by converting the system into a corresponding matrix and finding its determinant.

The solution of a system of equation is?

the solution to a system is where the two lines intersect upon a graph.

By the end of the 1-day drive the youth had collected 48.15 If there were four times as many dimes as nickels how many of each type of coin was collected?


How many watts is a 1000 amps?

As it stands, there is not enough information to answer this question. A power equation is given by P= IV So, in order to know how many watts are in 1000 Amperes, we need to know either the voltage supplying the system, or the resistance of the system. The resistance will result in us using this equation: P= I² x R. Where you can solve by isolating I.

Who developed systems of equation?

The Chinese are believed to have started the development of systems of equation. They came up with a system for equation known as Gaussian elimination in 200 BC.

If the ordered pair (3-2) satisfies one of the two linear equations in a system how can you tell whether the point satisfies the other equation of the system?

Substitute the values for the two variables in the second equation. If the resulting equation is true then the point satisfies the second equation and if not, it does not.

What is the solution of the system yx 6?

Without a second independent equation, it's not a 'system' yet.

What is difference between linear and nonlinear control system?

linear system is like a chemistry equation or math equation where on both sides it must balance. Nonlinear is a math equation or physics that does not appear to have a direct answer just like chaos theory. lulu254ever

When was the solar system discovered?

Considering that we had to exist in the solar system to discover it, the question is impossible. When was the Solar System created is another question [See related question]

What is a dependent system?

A dependent system is defined as "a system of equations that has infinite solutions." It is an equation that is used in various mathematical situations.