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Q: How do I make a velocity time graph with only a displacement time graph with no points?
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How do you make an acceleration time graph from the data of a velocity time graph?

take the slope of every change in the velocity time graph and plot it

How do you make a velocity vs time graph from an acceleration vs time graph?

Your acceleration vs. Time graph is the slope of your velocity vs. time graph

Why make a velocity time graph?

Because its really fun :)

In a coordinate graph of two related variables when does it make sense to connect the points?

When the data on the graph is continuous,it does make sense to connect the points on the graph of 2 related variables.

Why is the slope of a distance velocity squared graph straight and a distance velocity graph is not?

When acceleration is constant, one equation of kinematics is: (final velocity)^2 = 2(acceleration)(displacement) + (initial velocity)^2. When you are graphing this equation with displacement or position of the x-axis and (final velocity)^2 on the y-axis, the equation becomes: y = 2(acceleration)x + (initial velocity)^2. Since acceleration is constant, and there is only one initial velocity (so initial velocity is also constant), the equation becomes: y = constant*x + constant. This looks strangely like the equation of a line: y = mx + b. Therefore, the slope of a velocity squared - distance graph is constant, or there is a straight line. Now, when you graph a velocity - distance graph, the y axis is only velocity, not velocity squared. So if: v^2 = mx + b. Then: v = sqrt(mx + b). Or: y = sqrt(mx + b). This equation is not a straight line. For example, pretend m = 1 and b = 0. So the equation simplifies to: y = sqrt(x). Now, make a table of values and graph: x | y 1 | 1 4 | 2 9 | 3 etc. When you plot these points, the result is clearly NOT a straight line. Hope this helps!

How do you find velocity of an object?

Before giving an answer to this question i will like to make note that velocity and speed are two different terms which become same only in case of straight line motion/ 1-D motion. Speed is the rate of change of DISTANCE with respect to time ,while Velocity is the rate of change of DISPLACEMENT with respect to time. Distance is the total path covered by a body between any two points while Displacement is the shortest distance between the two points.... Distance b/w two different points can never be zero or negative will displacement can be zero or negative.

How is decelaration represented on a velocity time graph?

just like direct proportionality and make negative slope in graph

How does connecting the points on a graph affect your data analysis?

They make points in space related to each other. Now they are connected in the problem, instead of just points on the graph.

Is displacement calculated as velocity x time?

Yes, you see as Velocity = Displacement/Time, To get displacement by its self, we need to get the 1/time over to the other side. The only way to do this is to multiply both sides by Time/1 to cancel out time on the Displacement/Time side and to make it so Velocity is multiplied by time. So Time/1 x Velocity = Displacement/Time x Time/1. The time and the time on the right side of the equation cancel out to become onem and the new equation is Time x Velocity = Displacement. Try it on paper if it becomes to confusing reading my type. Hope this helps!

What points make a vertical line on a graph?

any points along the line described by the equation x=anything will give you a vertical line on a graph

How to calculate distance from a velocity time graph?

Hey there in order to calculate distance time graph you must make sure that you find the area underneath the graph. This will be its distance

Why do you need coordinates?

They are used to map points on a graph and are used to make real maps as well as graph probabilities and distances.

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